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How to Fix Cracked Heels Permanently and Fast?

How to Fix Cracked Heels Permanently

Cracked heels are a serious aesthetic problem not only among women. Can you do anything to counteract it? Yes, you can. 

Heels crack because they are too dry, because you wear uncomfortable shoes or because you are overweight (this issue applies primarily to obesity). It is not only unaesthetic: if cracks are deep, feet may bleed and fester, and walking may turn out to be painful.

Bacteria and Viruses

Harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi penetrate the organism through various skin damage – this is why cracked heels may be their home. It is easy to get infected if the crack is very deep. If you deal with other health issues, heels find it more difficult to regain their previous look. There is no doubt that one specialist treatment cannot solve the problem. Treating cracked heels is time-consuming and requires daily care (to learn how to take care of your feet, read here:

Why do heels crack?

The skin on heels is almost twice as thick as in other parts of the body – grows faster than it’s the ability to naturally exfoliate, without additional peeling and care, it can start to break. Also, heels may crack due to undernourishment, diet poor in nutrients and insufficient hydration of the organism. The skin gets dry and can be easily damaged. It also grows corneous, loses its flexibility and eventually cracks. Contrary to appearances, this is not just an aesthetic but a health problem.

Treatment in the Dermatological Parlor

If cracks are not too deep and extensive, you can try to help your skin regain its previous look on the basis of home-made methods. It is important that you use preparations intended for cracked feet skin (those which contain maple syrup prove to be the most effective). If cracks are to be subject to dermatological treatment, consult the specialist.

The treatment in the dermatological parlor is based on several stages. At first, you must wet your feet for about 5 minutes in warm water with feet salt. After you have dried them properly, a dermatologist proceeds with removing a hard cuticle with the use of special instruments. They most often use a diamond miller – it must be moved parallel to cracks, and not much pressure must be applied. It is the safest and probably most effective method. After the hard cuticle has dried off, a medicinal preparation must be applied on feet and then wrapped in a thin film.

Thanks to this, the ointment may penetrate the skin deeply. After half an hour you can remove the film and wipe your feet off with a towel. In the case of very extensive and deep cracks, this treatment must be repeated every 2 weeks until the skin gets flexible.

To prevent cracked heels issue, it is worth to eat products rich in vitamin A and use feet moisturizing creams, and wet them in water from time to time. Aside from this, it is advisable to wear comfortable footwear which does not rub or scratch.


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How to Fix Cracked Heels Permanently
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