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How to Fund Betting Accounts With Paypal Bookmaker



PayPal started in 1998 as an easy solution to sending and receiving money online. Since its inception, the company has established a reputation as a trusted platform for international money transfers. One of the reasons for the popularity of the platform is safeguarded transactions within a short time.

All you need to use the platform is an email address and e-wallet for making deposits and withdrawals. Presently, PayPal has been used to fund e-Sports betting accounts. The article will discuss how to fund betting accounts with PayPal bookmaker.

But, before we discuss betting sites that allow the use of PayPal to fund accounts, let us talk about the platform.

What Is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment system that enables its users to send and receive money. Once the person creates an account on the platform using their email, they can receive money, deposit money, and send money from any part of the world. 

The system offers a convenient, simple, secure money transactions solution. PayPal is accessible in more than 200 countries and allows transactions in more than 20 currencies such as US dollars, Euro, British Pound, and Yuan. The platform is the most popular e-wallet payment solution on e-Sports betting sites, and many gambling sites that accept PayPal offer many e-Sports competitions to bet on regularly.

Bet sites that accept PayPal 

We shall provide a list of gambling sites that take PayPal as a means to fund accounts. These sites offer some of the best online betting odds. We shall include a brief description of each of these sites so when you bet with PayPal funds, you will know what to expect.

  • 888SPORT 

One of the best gambling sites that accept PayPal funds, this site offers bets on many e-Sports tournaments. Also, the site gives one of the best bet odds available. In addition, the site is completely regulated.

Funding accounts on this platform is seamless. So you can find your account from anywhere in the world. 

  • BETFRED accept PayPal 

Here is another amazing gambling site that takes PayPal as a method of funding accounts. The selection of popular games such as call of duty, Dota 2, League of Legends, amongst many games, makes this site an excellent choice for bettors. One interesting thing about this site is that you can find the less popular e-Sports games with impressive odds. 

Betfred doesn’t charge customers for depositing with PayPal, which is amazing. So you will find the best tournaments and a simple, secure way of payment when you use this site.


This is one of the oldest betting sites in the world. However, they have come short when it comes to e-Sports. Also, they allow online betting PayPal customers to use their platform. Bettors on this site can place a bet with PayPal funds before and during matches on e-Sports games such as CS: League of Legends, Soccer games. 

Betway is fully licensed and is available online 24/7.  Further, they have excellent customer service to answer your questions and assist customers.

  • MR. GREEN 

Also known as the “gentleman bookmaker,” this betting platform has a well-rounded combination of e-Sports competitions. You can find popular games such as Dota2 on the website. The betting site is among many gambling sites that take the PayPal platform as means of deposit and withdrawal.

However, they charge some withdrawal fees. Transactions are quick, and the site is completely regulated and licensed, so you don’t have to worry about their legitimacy or your funds.


One of the best e-Sports sites available for those who love to bet, it has many user-friendly features that make them stand out. Their online bet PayPal feature is among the things users enjoy most because it makes betting easy. You can use the payment solution to withdraw your winnings as well. 


Another great online betting site with excellent offerings is Bovada. The site offers an enjoyable experience to users. They also have Apps for Android and iPhone phones. Consequently, you can bet with PayPal funds. 

There are a wide variety of games to choose from and place bets on them. The transactions are fast and secure. Conversely, the site is fully licensed and regulated, so your money is in good hands.


One of the most well-known betting sites in the world. For online betting PayPal users, this site has all the famous e-Sports games you enjoy.  The site was established in 1998, the same year PayPal was launched. They have a track record of offering excellent services to users. 

  • Bet with PayPal in 22BET 

22Bet is relatively new to the e-Sports scene. However, they are huge. You can bet on 20 different markets and tournaments. So if you want to bet with the PayPal platform and need large markets, this is the site for you. There are other payments platforms on the site, but PayPal is the most convenient.

Pay Pal is one of the oldest online payment solutions in the world. Placing bets through the platform is relatively new but convenient. You can learn more about how to fund a betting account with PayPal using this link.

In addition to enabling online bet Paypal options, the betting sites listed above accept Paypal funds as a deposit method. Also, you can withdraw your earnings through the same method. We wish you good luck as you use these sites.


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