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How To Grab Attention of Students: Methods, Techniques, Means

Attention of Students
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Your consciousness determines your life. And consciousness is directed by your attention. It turns out that your success totally depends on your attention. Agree, this is a reason to master the basics of attention of students and attention management. Many people think that attention is something like the weather: it cannot be controlled. But this is not correct. 

When I was a student, I had problems with my attention. Therefore, I could not deal with my papers at all. Therefore, I had to ask different specialists for help. I asked to do my paper now different professionals, and if you also need this, then for more information visit But in this article, we will focus on the basics of attention management.

What is Attention?

Attention is the focus of consciousness on an object that has a sustainable or situational value for a person. We hear about attention every day, but do not think about the essence of this concept. This is a whole system that helps us filter out unnecessary information and perceive what is necessary. Psychologists distinguish different types of attention and classify their properties.

Types and Properties of Attention

There are the following types of attention:

  • External: It is aimed at the outside world.
  • Inner: It is aimed at one’s own emotions and experiences.
  • Involuntary: It helps us to survive. The rustles in the apartment at night, suspicious sounds and smells are mentioned because of the involuntary attention.
  • Voluntary: This kind of attention is directed by willpower. For example, reading a book about quantum mechanics or doing maths workbooks for distance learning which combine both technology and fun games.

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There are three things that will always attract our attention: food, danger, and sex. And this is completely natural. For example, people always look at car accidents. The thing is that the brain, at a subconscious level, pays attention to things directly related to survival.

Attention properties are the following:

  • Concentration, focus, stability: Attention is heterogeneous. Its level is constantly changing.
  • Volume. Attention has volume: This means that several objects can be in the field of attention at once. For an adult, the normal amount of attention is 4-6 objects.
  • Switchability: Approximately, every 20 minutes attention is switched to a new object.

How to Manage Attention of Students

Most likely, the following situation is very familiar to you: You need to do a term paper, you cheerfully write an introduction, and then you accidentally remember about seals on the Internet and it becomes interesting to you. And then you recognize that you are already on Wikipedia. As a result, you finish on the subject of the Caribbean crisis, and the paper is not ready at all. And the main thing was just not to distract. It may sound easy, but it will be hard in practice.

Attention is one of the parameters of the activity of the psyche, which is the most difficult to train. Practical recommendations from experts are the following:

  • One must be able to consciously seize the moment when attention wants to switch.
  • Ask yourself if you really need to switch to something else right now. The keyword is “need.”
  • If not, then by the effort of will, keep your attention.
  • In the end, when you are done, reward yourself with something pleasant.

How to Manage Other People’s Attention

This is a slightly different area of ​​knowledge. However, this can be also useful to students. To attract and hold the attention of other people, you need to interact with them in a special way. There are techniques for keeping attention. You do not need to be a professor of psychology to know the following tricks:

  • Eye contact: When you look at someone intently, then this attracts attention. True, here you need to know the measure. Do not stare openly, otherwise, you will be considered a strange subject. But a periodic look into the eyes during a conversation will help to make people listen to you.
  • Voice accents: As we already said, a person’s attention is constantly fluctuating and wants to switch to something more interesting. If the speech is monotonous, then the interlocutor will sooner begin to get bored and concentrate on something different. You can hold attention by changing the pace and nature of speech. Sometimes, start speaking louder, quieter, faster, slower, etc. 
  • Pauses in words: Before you report something important, you can specifically create a dramatic pause. Waiting will increase the concentration of the interlocutor’s attention to the maximum.
  • Style: The eccentric behavior and style of clothing have always attracted attention. True, this technique is well suited if you are a rock star. But at business meetings and important negotiations, it must be used very carefully.


Nobody knows how to manage the attention of students from birth. So that your attention does not control you, learn to manage it, and any term paper will take much less time.


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Attention of Students
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