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How To Grow Your Small Business With Instagram

Small Business With Instagram

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms that has moved beyond just posting videos and photos. Numerous companies have recognized the power of this platform and are using it to get target engagements. But what about small businesses? How can they use Instagram for their benefit? As you delve into this article, you will know how to grow your business on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories

One of the most controversial features of this platform is its Instagram Stories. This feature allows you to sign multiple videos and pictures in the form of a story that shows for one day and then disappears. Most of the small businesses have been ignoring or are slow to use this awesome feature, which ultimately doesn’t help their cause. If small companies leverage their potential, then they will be able to reap huge benefits. The more you get creative and experiment on this platform, the more your chances of getting traction.

Use Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways to increase your followers on Instagram is by using Influencer marketing. If you are a startup, then through this medium you will be able to connect with people that already have a healthy following and get your business exposed to their followers. 

Those days are gone when influencer marketing cost too much, but the game has totally changed now. Now not only celebrities but commoners can also be influencers and can gain millions of followers. Not only has made influencer marketing cost-effective but also easier for businesses to connect with their targeted audiences. 

Get Familiar With Hashtags

Instead of looking for keywords, Instagram’s algorithm actually looks for hashtags. Unlike other social media platforms where you can put any keyword and check related posts, Instagram uses # for search. If you are using Instagram for business, then you need to start using hashtags. That way you will be able to reach your targeted audience who are looking for similar products or services. 

Most businesses don’t know how to use the right hashtags and make the mistake of using random ones. And the end result is no one is searching for those keywords and their business doesn’t even get the visibility. Therefore, to gain value you will have to find ways to post trending hashtags and pictures alike.

Create Videos Frequently

If you are using Instagram for small businesses, then it is vital to create more and more videos to generate engagement. With frequent live videos, you will push your brand further and all that can be done with a phone. Follow the footsteps of other brands that have generated huge traction by focusing on building effective strategies. 


The most important part of how to use Instagram for business is to collaborate. In fact, the best way to gain a hefty following is to mention that brand that already has a huge following. One of the best things about Instagram is that it isn’t owned by big corporations but by common people and entrepreneurs. 

These people have also done a fair share of leg work and built their own following. When you are looking for collaborators, then only choose the ones that actually match your business. If the search isn’t done correctly, then the new followers you will gain from them won’t get engaged with what you have to offer.

Capitalize on Instagram Advertisements

Cost is the biggest obstacle that stops business owners from trying social media platforms. Especially, if you are on a  tight budget or don’t have at all, then justifying expenditure can be tough on ads. This is where Instagram is so good and presents good opportunities for small businesses because of its cost-effective ads. If you make up your mind to create an ad campaign, then throw in some custom image assets to be displayed on your feed.

Host An Instagram Contest

Everyone loves free stuff and hosting an Instagram contest will create interest among the people. In order to enhance your results, here are some elements that you should consider- 

  • First, make a custom hashtag for the contest
  • Choose an interesting name of your theme and avoid generic ones.
  • Make people tag or comment on your friend’s profile to enter the contest.
  • Begin promotions of your contest a week before, so as to build anticipation.
  • Collaborate with other influencers in order to reach more people.

It is really important for you to go through the guidelines of Instagram before starting. This is to make sure that everything aligns within their guidelines and there is no possibility of removal or penalization of any kind. 


It is true that building connections can be done by sharing other people’s content. Especially, when you are at the beginning of your business journey on Instagram, it is vital to building a substantial following but most importantly valuable connections. Put some effort into building connections and get some engagement. 

And one effective way to accomplish it is with programming. Unlike other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, Instagram allows you to comment or like. By using a 3rd party application, you will be able to do those conventional things which will be really beneficial. 

Don’t Ignore the Comments

If you are a frequent publisher of Instagram posts, but never check them again, then change this habit. Most small businesses ignore or spend very little time monitoring their comments. This is so because it is quite a task to do in the Instagram app. If you are not finding time to respond to the comments, then it is better to hire someone to do the task easier.


Now that you know how to promote business on Instagram, but growing targeted following on Instagram isn’t an overnight thing. But this platform is very beneficial and will earn you some loyal followers if you put your act together effectively. 

Doing so will enhance the possibility of people reciprocating, and even more, your brand will get the required push it needs. Start implementing the aforementioned techniques now and see the traction your business will get in the coming time. 



Small Business With Instagram
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