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How To Pick An Awning For Your Home


Without awning outside your porch area means the sun will directly strike your porch and front door areas with its heat. Awnings will help in keeping your porch area a bit cooler. If you are living in a state where the summers are so hot and the sun would be scorching then having awnings installed outside is not going to be less than a blessing.

You need to choose the type of awnings for your space or you are going to end up replacing them sooner. You can get a little help in choosing the best awnings for your home at

Tips for picking an awning for your home

You might find it hard to select the right type of awning for your place. Here are a few tips that you might find helpful in choosing an awning for your home:

1. Types of awning

There are going to be different types of awning like some of them are going to retractable and others will simply get fixed outside your porch area. Now you have to choose the type of awning you want to have.

2. Awning fabric

You can get an awning in acrylic coated outdoor material, cotton canvas, steel and aluminum ones, vinyl-coated, etc. The fabric you are going to choose must get along with the weather of the area you live in. 

3. Awning shades

Well, yes the shade of the awning is also an important part of choosing an awning for your home. If you are going to choose a brighter shade like red then the color will fade away with the passage of time because of the heat in summers. It would be better if you choose a lighter shade of awnings. How about you choose a yellow shade? Plus lighter shades don’t absorb heat but reflect and because of this, your porch will stay a cooler place to hang out. Faded awnings also don’t look good also.

4. Shade and style of your house

The front door of your house has a very subtle shade and you choose awnings with brighter ones then they are not going to compliment each other. It is also an important factor that you choose the awnings that go with the style and shape of your house exterior. So the awnings wouldn’t look old. You might get every shade in awnings from the market but be careful you need to choose the shade that will look subtle if the main door of your house is painted with a subtle shade. 

5. Strength of awning

If your awning doesn’t have the strength to fight strong winds then there is a possibility that in harsh weather your awnings won’t stand a chance of survival. So better check the strength of the awnings and if they are strong enough to deal with harsh weather then buy them.

6. Right size matters

Before buying awnings you need to measure the area where you want the awnings to get installed. The size of the awnings has to be perfect or else the oversized awnings are not going to look good at all. 


If you have selected the shade of your awnings and the fabric as well then you can get them at any shop with awnings. Just remember it would be better to have a look at every type of awning before you make your final decision. If you choose the one that you think will only look pretty but is not going to save your porch from weather effects you are investing in the wrong product. So just be very careful.


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