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How To Successfully Approach A Girl With Confidence

Approach A Girl
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Building up the courage and confidence to approach strangers can be a tough and daunting task for many people. Adding up to the challenge is the idea of approaching a girl for the first time. We can all agree that it takes a magnanimous amount of courage and nerve to initiate small talk with a girl you’ve been eyeing on.

However, if you want to learn the ropes and master the art of approaching girls, we can reveal to you some effective game plans that you might want to try.

Timing is Everything

Before worrying about what to say or how to say it, find the right timing first. Don’t just take off without a plan. You have to create that perfect moment wherein you can get her full attention and interest. Remember that the first impression lasts, and once you’ve made it, it’s a “pass or fails” scenario. 

If you’re really serious about creating a good impression and you want to have a superb head-start, pay attention to the right timing. It can spell the difference between getting ignored and passing the first step with flying colors. 

 Here are a few tips to help you capture the idea; 

  • Don’t approach the girl if she’s busy and preoccupied
  • Don’t butt in if she’s in the middle of a serious conversation
  • Don’t interrupt – wait until she’s free to talk
  • Forget about approaching a girl if you’re drunk, have bad breath, or smelly. Timing means that you’re in your best elements and able to present yourself in a decent manner.

Create the right balance between being confident and shy:

Girls adore guys that are confident and comfortable in their own skin. But too much of anything can be a bad formula for success. Moderation is always the key which is why you have to formulate the right balance between being confident and timid. 

Coming in too strong and oozing with boldness can potentially drive a girl way. It can be intimidating and doubtful at the same time, and the approach may lack sincerity. Therefore, adding a sheepish grin and slight hesitation can put the balance on your move. It’s not only sexy and oddly cute; it’s also convincing and more persuasive at the same time.

Modulate your voice to achieve a warm and friendly tone:

Express your sincerity by using a friendly and pleasant tone. Modulate your voice in such a way that you’re not talking too loud or too fast, or coming in too fresh. Just be natural and trust yourself to deliver a good introductory line. 

In order to successfully approach a girl, sincerity in your voice plays a crucial role. And surprisingly, sincerity is apparent the minute you take off and open your mouth to utter the first words. And it’s only a matter of seconds before a girl can figure out whether you sound sincere or not. So don’t make conscious efforts to sound warm and friendly. Just be yourself and let nature take its course.

Practice Makes Perfect

A good way to enhance your confidence and boost your self-esteem in approaching strangers, especially girls, is by talking to different kinds of people. Conversing with a variety of individuals and socializing can help you improve your spontaneity, tone of voice, and manner of speaking. If you can’t make small talks with random people, call the Free Chatlines to chat with strangers and immerse on a variety of topics that can help you master the art of communication.

Be original and forget the “old school” lines

“Have we met before?”, “You look so familiar”, “I think I know you”. 

Yes, they sound catchy and may initiate a conversation, but they’re old and passé. But don’t think that the old ways are totally out. In fact, the classic and traditional moves are still the most effective ways to win over a girl’s attention – and heart, for that matter. Don’t adopt those good old lines, but let the sure-fire moves stay. How? Let us show you how.

When approaching a girl for the first time, start with a greeting. You may casually say “hi”, “I just saw you from across the room”, “nice weather, isn’t it?”, “Great party, huh. Are you having fun?”, or (if you’re in a social gathering) “are you related to the (celebrant, bride, groom, etc)”. 

So, what’s the rationale behind these lines?

Finding a common ground with the girl you’re trying to win over is the first step towards building a connection and finding out if there’s chemistry between you. A common friend, acquaintance, interest, or thought could be excellent ways to initiate a conversation on a positive and casual note.

Let Your Eyes Meet:

As awkward as it may seem, look at her in the eye. But don’t stare too deeply or in a piercing way because that might make her feel uneasy or uncomfortable. Let your eyes meet for a moment or try to hold her stare for a few seconds before flashing a sheepish grin. 

Don’t look away or attempt to distract yourself with other things. You may shift your stare to something that you’re holding, or you may look down spontaneously for a brief second as if it’s the most natural thing to do before looking at her again. Don’t look at other people and never scan the room with your eyes while she’s talking. Make her feel that your attention is focused on her even though you’re not staring at her eyes the whole time. 

The Takeaway

For you to become truly successful in approaching a girl in this technology-driven world, let’s carefully examine the blueprint of modern dating through these brilliant quotations.

“Be brave enough to listen to your heart.”

“It’s not about being good, it’s about feeling good. Everything changes when you shift your focus from how you look to how you feel.”

“Dear guys, 

She is approachable. If there’s a girl you like or think is cute, tell her.

We’re sick of waiting.

Sincerely yours,

– every girl”

And on that note, we’re sending you a stroke of luck in finding and approaching the girl of your dreams. Remember that it’s not all about how successful or how good-looking you are. It’s all about having an amazing personality, a positive attitude, and a good disposition in life.


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Approach A Girl
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