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How to win a Gulag fight in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale game where 150 players battle it out to emerge victoriously. After a certain amount of game completes, players receive something cool. If you get killed after the time, you will be headed for a one to one fight in Gulag. A win in Gulag means that you get revived in the Warzone. As there can be only one winner in the game, the probability of facing a one to one tussle is very high. 

Many people think of Gulag as a strange place, while others think it’s a piece of cake. But it is none of the two. 

Skills alone cannot help you win Gulag. You need to strategize in advance to score a chance of playing in Warzone. Let’s have a look at some of the best Warzone hacks to tackle Gulag fights well:-

Health is Necessary

To play any royale battle game, you need health. The same is the case with Gulag. You must keep an eye on both yourself and your opponents’ health and decide whether to defend or attack. 

Gulag is a single life, time-controlled game, and hence, it becomes even more important to keep an eye on health. As it will be impossible for you to restore your health, you should keep yourself safe from attacks whenever possible. Plus, you must inflict maximum damage upon the opponent before the time runs out.

“Attack is the best defense.”

Due to the time-controlled nature of the Gulag, players usually stick to defense and lose the minimum life possible. But, there is a catch. If both players decide to adopt a defensive strategy and none of them loses their life, both get eliminated. 

To safeguard yourself from this situation, you must attack. And you should do it before the opponent. Taking an aggressive stand will put your opponent on the backfoot. It also makes your chance of dominating your opponent better during the game, provided that it is done carefully. 

Know your map

A map is a player’s best friend. As a battle-royale player, you must know your maps like the back of your hand. Having a hang of your maps will give you an advantage over other players. As you may know, all the secret paths that your opponent might not, you will be in an advantageous position.

Knowing the map in detail will also help you hide in certain places that your opponent is unfamiliar with. And you can always attack from unexpected angles. 

As Gulag is one-life gameplay, every damage is significantly more critical than regular gameplay. With a strong grasp over your maps, you can inflict heavy damage and remain safer too. 

Adapt to Loadout

Loadout is the name given to the set of weapons you have. In the regular game, it is easy to choose the kind of loadout that supports your gameplay. But, in Gulag, both the players are given the same loadout irrespective of their game style. You must make the best out of the loadout provided to you. 

With such few choices of weapons, you should try every weapon and find out what’s best for you. Gulag is all about experimenting with loadout and finding out the optimal weapon that can help you in your way to revival. 

Tactics are important

With so much happening at Gulag in such less time, luring your enemy into your trap is crucial. You should opt for tactics to mislead your enemy to catch him off-guard. Keep moving continuously to not allow your opponent to spot you. Because the moment he does, you will have to launch into battle, which will damage your life even if you are winning.

Fight in Gulag is all about outplaying your opponent through your smart tactics. The better you plan, the more you can damage your opponent and save your health. 

The flag is the final option.

As the time ticks down in the Gulag, the overtime flag is the final hope. You should capture the area of the flag as quickly as you can. As the opponent tries to capture the overtime flag, you can get your chance there. But you must be careful. The same trick can be used by your opponent as well.

The flag generally appears in the middle of the arena. Hence, the closer you place yourself to the middle part, the better chance you will have to capture the flag area. 


Following these tips and tricks consistently can help you become a better player at Gulag. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for more Gulag tips and comment down your own! Happy survival!


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