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How to Work as a Nurse in the USA

Work as a Nurse

Nursing is a very traditional profession yet its charm refuses to die. It is probably one profession where you get to reach out to humans in the most empathic manner possible. Thankfully in the USA, the demand for nurses is not going to reduce shortly. Every year many students step into the field and see their career reach greater heights.

If you are not sure about how to go about it, here we tell you how to work as a nurse in the USA.

Ensure you meet academic requirements 

First and foremost you need to see that you meet all the necessary academic requirements. You have to graduate from an accredited registered nursing course. There should be a valid RN license provided to you and even practiced for around 2 years before moving ahead. 

Some states expect you to even complete a foreign-educated nurse course before you may start practicing. In some cases, the universities offer VBSN transfer policies and you must check for yours to stay away from any trouble. 

Passing the English proficiency test

In case you have not completed your course from UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland you might have to pass an English proficiency test. There are three tests that you might take in this case.


You may pass any of these exams. However, the results that you receive need to be passed on to the state board that you are applying to.

Sit and clear the National council Licensing Examination-Registered nurse

To take this particular exam you have to register with the Pearson VUE organization. The rest of the instructions that need to be followed are all flashed on the website.

Look for an employer

You can even look for a recruiting agency to help you out. They help you get your immigrant visa as well. Also, they would have partnered with other hospitals and your placement over there can be accommodated.

Getting RN/Immigrant visa or green card

There are some documents that you should have when you try applying for the same. One is the Visa screen certificate or VSC and another is the evidence of the employer who is submitting your petition.

Take the visa and accept the job offer 

Once you have the VISA you may easily accept the job offer so that the employer can proceed with handling other tasks as well. You may need to take a medical exam for this procedure. Also if you are looking at further growth opportunities you need to get certified for resuscitation courses.


Once all the above steps have been completed your job as an RN in the USA is fixed. Now just take your first steps towards having a fruitful career while establishing a strong bond with the patients. Nursing is one of the most fulfilling careers a person can be a part of and if you have the nerve to handle the stress then do consider it. The job has immense to give to the right candidate and you can also do wonders in the same.


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Work as a Nurse
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