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How to Write and include in a CV Examples?

how to write a cv examples

If you have graduated and you are looking for a job, it’s time for you to create your own CV. It is the first step in getting a good job. If your CV is impressive enough, you will have a chance to go to the next round, which is interviewing. Every CV is different because it shows different skills of different people.

Therefore, you cannot copy anyone’s CV. However, apart from your own unique information, your CV must be followed a similar structure which will be included in the article below. They are all necessary things you need to mention in your professional CV.

What is a CV?

Curriculum vitae, which is shorted as CV, is a detailed document highlighting your professional as well as academic history. It is an overview of your life’s work. In almost all the companies on the market nowadays, applicants are required to send a lot of documents along with a CV of themselves. It is like the first item that a job seeker wants to look at to find the potential employees for his firm. Therefore, if you have an impressive CV, you may have an opportunity to work with amazing colleagues in your dream company.

On the other hand, students, especially those who want to study abroad also need to write a CV to apply for their international school or university. It will show their strengths and potentials. Based on the CV, the councils will know who is suitable for the scholarship of the university.

A CV will tell the employer your background, abilities, professional skills and achievements that can highlight why you are the best fit for the job/ Ph:

So, what do you need to include in your CV?

Name, professional title and contact details

This is the first thing you need to include in your curriculum vitae. You need to write clearly at the top of the page so that everyone can see it. You should not title your CV with “CV” or “Curriculum Vitae”. You should fill in your name along with the position you want to apply instead. By doing this, your CV will become more professional than ever before.

About your contact details, you should include your personal email as well as your telephone number. If you have your own website, you can also copy the link and paste it in your CV. Just make sure that you are applying for a job, so everything you show needs to be formal. This means you ought not to create an email or website with a cute name. You should create an account that is solely for work. Last but not least, the job hunter needs to know where you live. So do not forget to list your address in your CV.

Just a little effort at the beginning will help you have the good attention of the employer/ Ph:

Career Objectives

The next part of your CV should be your career objective. In this part, you should give prospective employers an overview of yourself as well as what you hope to contribute to the company. You should not send the same CV to different companies, instead of that, you should tailor your profile to be suitable for what each company is looking for. Try to give short and detailed information with a few sentences. If you write as long as a paragraph in an essay, your CV may not have enough space for other information. Additionally, employers will fall asleep when they read your CV.

Working Experiences

When it comes to your working experiences, it means that you will have to demonstrate your previous jobs along with the achievements you received. At each job, you should list the name of the previous company, the role of you in your company as well as the key experiences from that job. You ought to showcase the experience that is relevant to the job you want to apply for. Thus, you may have more chances to get your dream job.

In addition, you ought to list your experience in reverse chronological order. Therefore, your CV will not look like a mess. You should mention the month and the year of your previous jobs. You can add voluntary activities if necessary. However, try not to name all of your previous jobs except for the relevant ones. If not, your CV will have no room for other important information.

Working experience is something that can make your curriculum vitae more outstanding from other applicants/ Ph:

Education and Qualifications

In order to have those experiences listed above, you need to have a good background as well as some valid qualifications. You should show your university along with your GPA so that employers can know how good you were at school. In the meanwhile, academic qualifications will make your CV more outstanding. In some situations, a high score of IELTS or TOEFL will help you have your dream job. Take some Vietnamese companies for example. In these companies, they do not pay much attention to candidates’ experience at work. They just want someone who can use English or other language skillfully. After that, they will have training courses for new employees.

So, if you have any certificates that can prove your language or computing skills, do not forget to mention in your CV.

Additional Information

There are so many things that should be listed in your CV. If you have enough space, you should tell more information about your key skills, hobbies, interests as well as references. Remember to boost your document by giving information that is valuable to your CV. For example, besides language skills and computing skills, you can say you are good at communication, you have the ability to work under pressure or you are able to adapt to any kind of difficulties. For hobbies and interests, you can show your love for reading, traveling, or playing sports. Remember that showing off key information will be a plus in your CV. Thus, try to keep away from irrelevant skills or hobbies that may make your CV not professional.

Format of the curriculum vitae

If you have known what to include in a CV, now it’s time for you to learn how to list your information well. Some people may not know how to write an impressive CV. They just write down all about themselves like an essay. This is not encouraged.

Instead of that, people ought to do some simple steps. First of all, they should choose an appropriate sample CV to fill in their information. After that, adjust the form of sample CV in order to make it more professional. Next, adjust the size of the words as well as the space of each line to a standard form. As a result, you will make a CV that can impress every job seeker right at their first sight.

All in all, getting a great CV is so important for every candidate who wants to get a good job. A good CV will make an impression on job seekers. As a consequence, you will have an opportunity to take an interview with employers and have your dream job. Website for you


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how to write a cv examples
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