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How To Write A Good Story: The Five Essential Elements

How To Write A Good Story
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Storytelling is a form of art. A good story has the power to wrap itself around your mind and whisk you in its world. It kind of lingers in your mind even long after it is over. The main characters of the story are missed, even when the story ends. But first, you have to create a truly captivating story. Learning how to pen down a great story is a lifelong activity. Whatever the genre, there are always some common elements to each extraordinary memoir or novel.

If you are a novice writer, you must remember that to be perfect in this challenging art, you need to be patient and devote time. Even if you want to make your anonymous blog for the reason of privacy and anonymity, there are few important elements to keep in mind. This will help you in not only writing on blogs but monetize your blog too. Some basic or essential elements are extremely necessary to build up a good story. 

Here is a super five elements to write a good story:

1. Premise:

The premise sets up the characters, circumstances, and location your readers will need to understand before they read the story further. A premise comprises a physical location, such as a hospital, school, or a home, and the basic explanatory information which your readers should understand at the start of the story. Authors often make use of descriptive landscapes, buildings, sceneries, or seasons, it provides a powerful sense of setting.

2. Plot

It is one of the most important sections of your story. It is the sequence of many events that will make up the actual action of the story as it proceeds. Understanding these elements of the whole plot is quite vital for you as a writer. As a plot moves chronologically right from an inciting event and rising action sequence to the climax scene, it spills into action and later followed by resolution.

3. Character

You should know that a plot cannot stay in a vacuum; it needs different characters, the ones who participate and help in the advancement of your story. The development of any character is one of the highly important fictional elements. The core part of any story writer’s narration process is developing main as well as secondary characters. 

A character affects the whole plot of your story at large, especially, if you want to narrate it in the first person in comparison to the third person. Remember, each character has their own story to tell, and it is up to the writer how much they decide to show to the readers. 

The characters playing the second part could be used to run the main plot and subplots too. Even if you are an anonymous story blogger, and interested in an anonymous blog post, you can consider following these elements.

4. Prose

The word choices and sentence construction you implement in your story writing are the key elements of any story. It is up to the writer, to decide whether he/she chooses to pen down in the vernacular way of a first-person or the neutral voice of the third person. This is an important decision that will largely affect your prose.

5. Theme

The theme is constructed through narrative and is an essential element of any story. Without a good theme, a story lacks interest and appears baseless. It is one of the first things an inquisitive reader is keen to know before choosing to read it further. 

The theme of a story is the larger takeaway you generally hope, the readers draw from the story. It needs to work on the section, any reader to find out a larger message. The theme helps in drawing connections between the main elements of your story.

Things to know how to make a good story:

Whether your story or your successful anonymous blog is good, is something your audience decides. An interesting story mostly does both by utilizing storytelling to convert important news exceptionally interesting. It is read by diverse public or readers. Though people might share certain beliefs or characteristics, they have endless varieties of interests and concerns too. 

Remember a good story narration, however, manages to do more than amplify or inform. It adds great value to the topic. Creating a great story means hunting and verifying interesting information. This is further presented in a way that successfully engages the audience.

A good and complete story should include all these five elements in a way that they perfectly complement each other. They all have to sit in place in such a way that each one looks incomplete without each other. These 5 key elements are necessary ingredients to narrate a powerful and gripping tale. Therefore, include all five essential elements to command your reader’s attention, right from the first page to the end.


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How To Write A Good Story
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