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Hypnosis Apps To Quit Smoking: Why They Work

Hypnosis Apps To Quit Smoking

It is no surprise that people want to quit smoking. A 2019 research review found that smoking is the top cause of preventable illness and death in the world. 

Deciding to quit smoking is the first step. Quitting can be a challenge for a lot of people. There are several methods and products to help you quit smoking safely and effectively. One method that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is hypnosis. 

Today, we will share with you how hypnosis can help you quit smoking and the best hypnosis app to quit smoking that will take you on your journey to recovery and an overall better lifestyle. 

What Is Hypnosis?

For a long time, hypnosis has been used as a form of entertainment. Some people view it as a form of mind control. They think that the hypnotist holds power over the person who is being hypnotized to perform silly things. This is not the truth. Hypnotherapy does not use mind control, it is more of a meditative state that you can get in and out of at your will. 

A trained professional uses verbal cues to help lead you into a highly focused, meditative state whereby you will be more open to advice. The therapist will make suggestions to you whilst you are in the meditation to help you reach your goals. 

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis amplifies your existing desires such as your wish to quit smoking! Hypnotic induction techniques are meant to quiet the conscious mind and achieve a meditative-like state. Therapists use combinations of suggestions and words to have this effect on clients. Hypnotic induction can occur within guided sessions or through the use of administered tapes (self-hypnosis).

How Do Hypnosis Apps Work? 

Most hypnosis apps use the self-hypnosis technique to place you into meditation. Once you are in the meditation, the app will use the suggestive technique to say words and phrases which will help lessen your desire to smoke. 

The more you use the app, the quicker you will be able to get into the correct state of mind. After a few sessions, this state of mind will become natural and you will no longer need to use the app to help you suppress the desire to smoke. Your subconscious mind will remind you that smoking is not good for you and eventually, you will quit. 

What Are The Potential Benefits of Hypnosis for Smoking?

Hypnosis can help you quit smoking for good.

Some of the potential benefits of hypnosis for smoking are:

  • It Will help weaken your desire to smoke
  • Help to strengthen your desire to quit
  • Help you focus on your smoking cessation plan 

A 2008 trial concluded that hypnosis alongside nicotine patches compares well with standard behavioral counseling for quitting long term. 

Do Quit-Smoking Hypnosis Apps Work?

A 2020 Clinical trial compared two approaches to quit-smoking apps. One app was based on the United States clinical practice guidelines. This involved avoiding things that trigger your desire to smoke. The other approach used acceptance and commitment therapy. This is a mindful approach in which you understand and acknowledge triggers and change how you respond to them. 

The clinical trial concluded that the odds of quitting smoking were 1.49 times higher using the acceptance and commitment therapy than the other technique. 

Due to the results of this clinical trial, the Quit: Hypnosis to stop smoking app is amazing because it uses the same technique. 

Are There Any Risks To Using The Hypnosis App?

There is no evidence that hypnosis to help you quit smoking has any negative or dangerous effect on your body or mind. Studying hypnosis is difficult but so far, with all the evidence that we do have, you do not have to worry about adverse effects. 

Final Thoughts:

It has been proven that hypnosis does help break the cycle of smoking. Over time, you can quit smoking using hypnosis as long as you keep an open mind and understand that quitting is a hard process that takes time but you can do it. 

The only thing you need to concentrate on is your recovery and understand that this is a long-term treatment that you will need to work on daily to keep up with your new and improved healthy lifestyle. 

Hypnosis Apps To Quit Smoking
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