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How AI Can Help To Study In University

implications of AI in Universities

Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by the machines using high data machine language and other factors. This demonstration is far advanced than that of natural intelligence in humans.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has a huge effect on shaping productive industries and businesses all around the world. To this day AI has a lot of implications in universities shaping a new way of learning both in classes and campus management. Educational institutions are the initial stages where students and professors are learning the value of AI and making deeper implications and uses of it in the daily campus life.

Below are some of the finest examples that have shown the implications of AI in Universities making it very popular all over the world.

Improved Student Experience and Services:

AI has vast implications in the universities helping management to ascertain various key points that help in changing the future of students.

With the implication of AI students and professors are presented with a highly immersive environment that will stimulate interest and understanding like never before.

This will in return help in improving the overall quality of education. With introductions of audio to text capabilities, classroom machine learning, administrative implications of AI, and many more universities will turn out to be global enabling students to interact with professors from all around the world.

AI brings many simulation and game technology in the education line improving student’s engagement. University research activities can be solved with AI learning that will bring forward solutions very quickly.

With the help of AI, universities are coming up with AI-based machine learning systems that can answer questions for students round the clock. Students can interact with these AI-based services that are designed to answer questions exactly like humans with zero error possibilities.

One such example is being shown at Deakin University in Australia. This university has partnered with IBM to bring its students a supercomputer named Watson. Watson is developed by IBM and helps students to solve their questions using analytical software that is highly sophisticated. This supercomputer uses approximately a total of 90 servers with unlimited data stored to answer all questions asked.

Student Learning Analytics:

Student Learning Analytics is a disciplinary and well-established step to measure the behavior of students based on data. With the integration of AI student’s analytics provide university decisions that are accurate. With support from AI student learning that reaches great heights and provides greater precision and accurate feedbacks of students. This will help universities to make decisions well in advance.

One of the most prominent implications of AI in Universities is it helps in ascertaining the students who have chances of dropping out well in advance. This might be due to low performance. Based on these reports professors work hard on the students to give them support, so they no longer fall in the drop out category. Universities apart from this have used AI for many more implications like ascertaining attendance reports, tally marks, and performance of previous years and present years and many more.

Transcribing lectures using Audext:

Audext is one of the finest transcribing software that is helping students all over the globe. This online platform allows students to transcribe audio into text. With the integration of AI, students are now able to do a transcription of lectures and speeches made in the universities.

This has brought a very wide implication as it is now being used in a lot of schools and universities. Audio to text transcription is one of the biggest developments in the field of education with the implication of AI.

With the help of AI, students can easily transcribe audios that have been recorded into proper text. Through artificial intelligence, the right format is selected and the transcription process is very fast giving students that extra edge to perform and understand things better.

Audio to text transcription has helped many students who are not able to keep up with the pace in the classrooms. Students and professors can take notes easily by recording it in audio format and then with the help of high-quality AI get it transcribed to text format. This has saved students a lot of time which is utilized for other important activities.

AI has a very vast implication on how universities work and can revolutionize the universities once implied totally.


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implications of AI in Universities
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1 Comment

  1. Abdul hamid

    July 12, 2020 at 12:02 am

    Great experience to learn the whole article. I just searching about AI and suddenly saw this article and I started reading. Thanks for this superb article.

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