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5 Ways to Get More People Commenting on Your Instagram Posts

Comments on Instagram Posts

Getting organic traffic on your Instagram posts will increase your ranking on the newsfeed as a brand or an influencer, in turn, it will also increase likes and comments. When it comes to ranking the things that matter the most is the number of likes, views, followers, and Instagram comments your page and posts have. The more organic the traffic, the more positive feedback you will get and the greater the chances of your page appearing on the explore page. In this article we will cover the top five ways to increase the number of comments on your posts:

Hosting a Giveaway

A contest or a giveaway is a very fun and quick way to get your followers and non-followers to comment on your posts. This will also result in an increase in your followers as you can ask them to follow you as part of the requirements of the giveaway. There are multiple ways of hosting a giveaway, for instance, making it a 5 days campaign where the followers have to comment each day. Asking followers to put up their own posts and tagging your brand (YourSelf Quotes) is another way to increase traffic in the comments sections.

Instagram Takeovers

This is an engaging way to not only generate more comments on your page but also a chance to interact with other influencers and creators. Takeovers usually involve one user having access to someone else’s feed for a day and they post about their perspectives. These takeovers bring in comments whether they are on your page or the other users. It is a win-win situation for you and the person you are collaborating with.

Buying Comments

You can buy instagram comments that get delivered to your photos and videos instantly after ordering. You can order these comments in bulk for example 50, 75 or 100 at a time. These services are usually very quick and efficient and are a good way to increase the comments to your profile. And they are very customizable as well, you can either enter your own comments list or opt-in for natural generic comments.

Asking Followers to Engage

A good way to get more comments is to simply ask for them. Asking questions about what they like or dislike, or asking them what country they are, or whether they agree or not and more will be a good way of engaging your audience in the comments sections. This will also give you a chance to get to know your audience better regarding what market segment you have targeted.

Using Related Hashtag

Using hashtags that are relevant and tending will make your blog posts appear in the explore page. And a study proves that hashtags tend to attract 15% more engagement. This is a great way to bring in organic traffic, as people tend to comment more when they are genuinely interested in something. You can also use the above strategy with this one to create interaction in the comment section.


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