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How Did I Increase Organic Traffic on My Dying Facebook Page?

Organic Traffic by Facebook Page

I have been running a small business along with a blog and like all other businesses, I also have a Facebook page for my business to bring in more customers to my business website for better conversions. 

I have seen many businesses doing well on Facebook and many others struggling to engage more customers. Unfortunately, for my own business page, I had been struggling to get in more engagements through Facebook but failed miserably most of the time. My business was doing good via other social channels like Instagram and Pinterest but Facebook, in particular, was a failure point which I was desperately trying to improve.

By doing a lot of trial and error in implementing various strategies, I finally started getting better engagements via Facebook. I have decided to share the tricks I used to improve conversions via Facebook below;

Publish Evergreen Content:

So, in my business website’s blog, I had a few categories which were not evergreen and I was focused on creating more such contents. After some time, I realized that these contents are hardly getting any views and bringing any conversions.

Creating such short-lived contents can only work when you already have a large viewership base, if not, you should be focusing on creating evergreen content which can be promoted even later, and people may be interested to view that content as well.

Focus on Creating Target Audience:

I used to promote my page on various groups of similar businesses like me and try to gather more followers. As a courtesy, the members of the group used to follow each other. I gathered a good number of followers, but the engagement was low as these followers were people just like me wanting more business and such followers were hardly interested in engaging with my business.

Just focussing on improving your followers is useless if you are not targeting the right audience. The right kind of audience are people who have a higher probability of investing their time in your business and engaging with you.

Use the Facebook Groups to Engage Audience:

I knew joining Facebook Groups can be interesting and helpful for my business but the type of Facebook group I should be joining was something which I was not aware of hence I joined groups which contained members who run small businesses like me. We shared our experiences in the group which was encouraging but no audience from the group was interested to engage with my business.

Using Facebook groups can become a really powerful tool to promote your business but use it in the right way. For example, if your business is to sell books, do not just join a group of publishers but instead start a book reading group and truly engage with the members, you will find that these members will really be engaged with your business and bring in conversions.

Take the Aid of Analytics to Figure the Failing Strategies:

During my initial Facebook days, I was not very much aware of the analytics and insights provided by Facebook hence I just kept an eye on the likes and shares my post got to measure its success. When I learned about Facebook insights, I could manage my posts better and could really understand the kind of posts my audience responds to more but still, my conversions did not improve much.

Only using Facebook insights may not be the best tactics if you are running a serious business as your main aim is not just to measure what happens on your Facebook page but in reality, if the traffic coming from Facebook on your site is helping in improving conversions. Using powerful web analytics tools can measure and help you analyze the behavior of the traffic coming from Facebook so that you can make the necessary tweaks to improve conversions.

There are many other small tweaks on your Facebook page that can help your page do well. I have listed the ones which helped me reach more audience. 

Share your strategies and experience with us that helped you improve your Facebook traffic.

Organic Traffic by Facebook Page
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