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4 Different Instagram Tips For New Businesses

Instagram Tips For Businesses

Instagram offers advertising to users, but this often comes with a hefty price tag. It doesn’t matter if you are raking in cash, but smaller business marketers can find expensive advertising challenging to afford. In fact, many start-up companies do not find paid advertising feasible (much to their detriment).

Many small businesses can run their own Instagram accounts with success. However, it’s a good idea to start the account with some traction by using auto likes. You can try an auto likes Instagram free trial to see how it works for you.

This article provides some more top Instagram tips when doing small business marketing.

#1: Use Real Photos Of Real Items Taken By Real People

Instagram is considered one of the best platforms for people to find and leverage content generated by users. One of my favorite sessions included a visual marketing panel held at the PubCon conference in New Orleans during 2014. One example of real images is Starbucks featuring real photographs by real Starbucks customers. This can be seen on the desktop.

Instagram is a platform where people can generate content as a photographer and/or artist. What Instagram followers do not want to see are stock images created to make sales. This is not the reason why people spend time on Instagram.

When perusing Instagram, I found a local women’s clothing boutique using the platform for relevant images. When following this account, I do not mind seeing pictures of their inventory with staff modelling the items, but only until the boutique’s marketing team alter their approach to these very “unreal” images.

One of the most significant elements of photograph marketing on Instagram is to ensure the shares are genuine. This offers a “real person” feel to the account. It is possible to use the photo editing apps to enhance the picture; however, you should avoid artificial backgrounds. Using Instagram to depict the customer and brand lifestyle, you will invite potential consumers instead of pushing annoying sale messages.

Pelican Coast Clothing has used Instagram to market their products presenting images of the brand and user lifestyle. Pelican Coast Clothing is a New Orleans-based handmade male clothier. The Instagram images are useful to depict the lifestyle of the customer and brand. This can be seen on the desktop.

#2: Featuring Products For Sale Using Instagram Content

Krista provided information at the PubCon session to explain how Instagram can be used for product sales, including the statistic that a human brain process images 60,000 more quickly than text. According to research by MIT neuroscientists, a study in 2014 purported that the human brain can identify images seen for approximately 13 milliseconds.

Instagram is the ideal platform to gain the attention of an audience and start the process of storing subtle and not-so-subtle information. For companies using the platform to generate sales, it is vital that the images are used in context. For instance, a customer may want to know how the item will appear when worn by individuals, or they are interested in seeing how certain paints with a shirt.

As people do not have the capacity to zoom in and out on images using the Instagram mobile app, it is essential to note that close-up shots are the most beneficial images for featuring products. Always ensure that focus is added to the shot as this increases the attention target place.

Always remember, compelling photographs do not require expensive or fancy cameras. A mobile phone with filters and some editing can be as beneficial. You should also not forget that over-editing can be disadvantageous. An over-edited image often appears as artificial and will be ignored. Photo editing apps are available to enhance the filters set by Instagram, such as Color Splash and Pixlr.

#3: Can’t Stop Using Instagram

People in the 21st century understand the need for speed; however, it is not advisable for you to spam a follower’s feed. While Instagram can be an addictive platform, as with all types of social media, it is essential to be wary of the account’s post frequency. Do not overload followers with posts, or you could be considered a spam account.

Specific resources, such as Latergramme, allow you to schedule the Instagram images in advance. While the photos cannot be automatically posted on your behalf, the app will provide push notifications when the scheduled time approaches to post the video or photograph. It will then queue in the mobile Instagram app.

Latergramme is a free app that can be used to schedule and plan the Instagram images in advance. It uses push notifications to ensure you post the picture when it is scheduled. This can be seen on the mobile.

#4: Instagram Analytics

The Latergramme app also offers a dashboard for Instagram posts irrespective of whether or not the post is scheduled using the app.

Along with the scheduling feature, this app also provides analytics to indicate which images are liked most and the post comments.



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