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Inverter Batteries: How to Pick the Right One?



Inverter Batteries

Well, you know that inverter batteries are necessarily the storage unit of inverters or that of power backup systems. Batteries are effective and used to gather direct current power, which is then later get converted into irregular current power, which gets used to power all your machines and appliances. 

The point is once you look for the finest type of inverter battery for your home, you may have many kinds of batteries, with diverse capacities, even suiting different requirements. So, in case you are thinking of inverter battery buy online the procedure of selecting the right one might sound intimidating to you. Here in this post, you would get a quick idea about how to go about things.

Pick the Perfect Battery for Home

You need to understand The Type of Battery you need when finding the best inverter battery for your home. You should know that these inverter batteries are available in diversity to suit diverse purposes. Compared to the others, some batteries may be more expensive because its specifications and even of features. The finest type of inverter battery for your home types and costs are decided by the specific needs you have. 

Actually, you know what; the performance of an inverter hugely relies upon the battery quality. You require analyzing which type of appliance or gadget you wish to run with the inverter during any sort of power cut. Take the power needs of your house into consideration to decide the suitable power requirements. You should definitely ensure the battery capacity that may actually run all the essential equipment. The capability of the battery decides the energy backup hours of the inverter which is mostly called Ah (Ampere Hours).

Moreover, remember that you cannot simply decide Battery Voltage (BV) for your inverter as it is something that gets done by the inverter (12V or that of 24V). However, you can always choose the Ampere Hour Capacity (Ah) keeping in mind how much backup you wish. 

Maintenance Factor 

Any type of battery that you purchase is going to require some sort of maintenance periodically. However, you should know that tubular batteries ask for less maintenance as compared to of flat plate batteries because of their overall design. The design of tubular batteries permits them to simply grip or hold a lot of distilled water, which in order, makes them less disposed to drying out swiftly.

Check the weight 

It is a mainly elemental way to simply evaluate quality but, if possible, it is always recommended to measure the weight of the batteries (keeping the packaging out) before buying them. Generally, a heavier battery is going to have higher quality electrolyte plates that are actually considered to provide give them a stretched lifespan.


So, keeping in mind the points above, you can choose a perfect type of battery for your inverter from Loom Solar, which is a leading company manufacturing solar panels and Lithium batteries.  The platform is ISO 9001-2015 certified company and acknowledged start-up by the Government of India. Just pick the right battery that you think works for your home.


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