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Jeff Tweedy is a musician, record producer, and songwriter from the United States. He is best known as the singer and guitarist for the critically acclaimed alternative rock band ‘Wilco.’

Tweedy, originally from Belleville, Illinois, began his musical career in high school with his band The Plebes, which later evolved into the alternative country band, Uncle Tupelo.

Tweedy was born on August 25, 1967, in Belleville, Illinois, as the fourth child of Bob and JoAnn Tweedy.

Tweedy formed Wilco when Uncle Tupelo disbanded, and the band achieved critical and commercial success, most notably with Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born, the latter of which garnered a Grammy for Best Alternative Album in 2005.

Tweedy has released 20 studio albums during his career, including four with Uncle Tupelo, eleven with Wilco, one with his son Spencer, a solo acoustic album, three solo studio albums, and various collaborations with other musicians, most notably Mermaid Avenue with Billy Bragg.

Tweedy joined The Plebes, a rockabilly band with brothers Wade and Dade Farrar, in the early 1980s in order to qualify for a battle of the band’s tournament, which they won. Tweedy pushed The Plebes away from their rockabilly music, which drove Dade Farrar to leave the band.

In 1984, the band renamed itself The Primitives after a song by the garage rock band The Groupies. Wade Farrar sang lead vocals and played the harmonica, Jay Farrar played the guitar, Tweedy bass guitar, and Mike Heidorn drums.

Tweedy co-founded Wilco with John Stirratt, Max Johnston, and Ken Coomer in 1994. Wilco has released ten albums, the most successful of which are Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, A Ghost Is Born, Sky Blue Sky, and Wilco.


The band have collaborated on two albums with Billy Bragg and one with The Minus 5. Jeff Tweedy has two Grammys to his name, including Best Alternative Album for A Ghost Is Born.

Jeff Tweedy has gone on multiple solo tours, mostly playing acoustic music. He also contributed to the soundtrack of I’m Not There with the song “Simple Twist of Fate.” Tweedy’s live DVD, Sunken Treasure: Live in the Pacific Northwest, was published on October 24, 2006, by Nonesuch Records.

Tweedy’s solo acoustic tour in February 2006 included five nights of performances and conversations recorded in Seattle’s Moore Theater, Portland’s Crystal Ballroom, Eugene’s McDonald Theatre, Arcata’s Humboldt State University, and San Francisco’s The Fillmore.

Tweedy’s musical approach has evolved during his career. Tweedy’s vocal style has been compared to Neil Young’s because it is nasal, emotive, and raspy. His earliest introduction to music came from vinyl records that his siblings left behind when they went to college, and he was particularly fond of The Beatles’ White Album.

Here is our selection of Jeff Tweedy quotes:

Jeff Tweedy Quotes

“I don’t know if experimental is a word I would ever use comfortably.” — Jeff Tweedy

Best Jeff Tweedy Quotes

“I think that there’s a lot of goodwill that exists between musicians and the people that support them and listen to them.” — Jeff Tweedy

“I like to believe most people’s natural state is to be creative.” — Jeff Tweedy

“You have to learn how to die if you wanna be alive.” — Jeff Tweedy


“You were right about the stars, each one is a setting sun.” — Jeff Tweedy

“If we all learn anything from being alive on this planet, it’s that people will lie to you.” — Jeff Tweedy

Unique Jeff Tweedy Quotes On Discovering Self

Unique Jeff Tweedy Quotes On Discovering Self

“Especially about how much or little they care about you.” — Jeff Tweedy

“I would guess there’s a lot more similarity in how we suffer than the way we experience joy.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Walking tends to unravel the knots in my thinking, and I’ll always recommend a leisurely stroll or even a brisk.” — Jeff Tweedy

“I know it’ll change, and I know that it has changed. But I still think it’s a very satisfying medium.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Allowing something you’ve created to be undermined to a point where you can no longer believe in it or stand behind it feels suicidal to me.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Your ego wants to conceal your insecurity and your fear.” — Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy Inspiring Quotes

“You need your human frailty to be at least somewhat visible if you want to connect on an emotional level.” — Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy Quotes

“And that’s why it can be such an unwelcome intrusion when we’re trying to create or perform.” — Jeff Tweedy

“I have sort of a survivor’s guilt about it that makes me want it for everyone.” — Jeff Tweedy


“Not the “guitar” exactly, but something like it for everybody.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Something that would love them back the more they love it.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Unless your ears have been trained to recognize it, you’ll miss the hint of a minor key.” — Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy's Quotes For Choices

Jeff Tweedy’s Quotes For Choices

“At the very least, I wish everyone had a way to kill time without hurting anyone, including themselves. That’s what I wish.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Now, isn’t that neat.” Midwestern sarcasm, when it’s done correctly, can be a thing of rare beauty.” — Jeff Tweedy

“It’s like performance art. Everywhere else in the world, you can identify sarcasm if you’re paying attention.” — Jeff Tweedy

“There’s that slight “wah-wah” tone-bending to let you know not to take this too seriously.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Midwestern sarcasm plays it straight and makes you listen more closely.” — Jeff Tweedy

“You have to treat every conversation like a safecracker.” — Jeff Tweedy

“I have always thought it was important to maintain some connection for myself to what it takes to make a song work by myself, to put a song across to an audience by myself.” — Jeff Tweedy


Jeff Tweedy Quotes On Discovering Self

“I didn’t invent anything, of course, I just discovered it for myself.” — Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy Inspiring Quotes

“I believe I’m starting to be “okay” wherever I am. I think I’m ready to just say, “Let’s go.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Maybe it’s a cliché, but you have to focus on verbs over nouns—what you want to do, not what you want to be.” — Jeff Tweedy

“No work of art is ever finished; it can only be abandoned in an interesting place.” — Jeff Tweedy

“learning how to disappear is the best way I’ve found to make my true self visible to myself and others.” — Jeff Tweedy

“That’s one of the problems with humans—that we can be talked out of loving something.” — Jeff Tweedy

Best Latest Quotes From Jeff Tweedy 

Best Latest Quotes From Jeff Tweedy

“I would console myself with the notion that if I had been encouraged to embrace that style of learning when I was young.” — Jeff Tweedy

“That we can be talked out of loving something that we do, and we can be talked out of loving ourselves. Easily, unfortunately.” — Jeff Tweedy

“I believe words contain worlds of words and meanings that are, more often than not, locked beneath the surface.” — Jeff Tweedy

“You want words to burst into the room, demand your attention, and remind you how exciting things can be.” — Jeff Tweedy

“You have a responsibility to challenge yourself to use them in a way that is more vivid than your normal daily usage.” — Jeff Tweedy


Jeff Tweedy’s Quotes On Choices

“Nobody makes good choices when they aren’t aware they’re making a choice.” — Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy Quotes On Discovering Self

“I’m usually pretty happy. I don’t ever really get disturbed in any way, or feel like I need to go back and change something.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Something that would love them back the more they love it.” — Jeff Tweedy

“At the very least, I wish everyone had a way to kill time without hurting anyone, including themselves.” — Jeff Tweedy

“On one hand, I felt insecure, paranoid, and unhappy, and on the other hand, I was still fully capable and engaged. ” — Jeff Tweedy

“This is the real gift of human language and our desire to connect: that it works.” — Jeff Tweedy

Best Famous Quotes By Jeff Tweedy For Life

Best Famous Quotes By Jeff Tweedy For Life

“The part of me that could cope and had developed some healthy adaptations to all of those problems was ultimately in charge.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Think you can be completely confident and comfortable with your talents.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Everything you find enticing about being able to circumvent your “blocked” state is also a product of your imagination.” — Jeff Tweedy

“When I feel like I’m stuck, I try to put myself back in touch with the reality of the situation. There are no rules AND I make them!” — Jeff Tweedy

“That’s not the same sound someone else is going to make.” — Jeff Tweedy


“I don’t know where people get the idea that every Wilco record is supposed to have drama. OK, I guess historically speaking we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Musicians and the people that support them and listen to them.” — Jeff Tweedy

“But I do think that what makes a song a song is how it feels when it’s sung. You might give up halfway through.” — Jeff Tweedy

Best Famous Quotes By Jeff Tweedy 

“You have to learn how to die if you wanna be alive.” — Jeff Tweedy

Jeff Tweedy Quotes On Choices

“What you once were isn’t what you want to be anymore.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Treating your audience like thieves is absurd. Anyone who chooses to listen to our music becomes a collaborator.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Everything alive must die. Every building built to the sky will fall. Don’t try to tell me my everlasting love is a lie.” — Jeff Tweedy

“We live in a connected world now. Some find that frightening. If people are downloading our music, they’re listening to it. The internet is like radio for us.” — Jeff Tweedy

“You were right about the stars, each one is a setting sun.” — Jeff Tweedy


“However much I disdained the notion of a drug-addled rock star, some part of me still believed that creation myth, that you have to suffer. And then I realized that everyone suffers.” — Jeff Tweedy

“Therefore, anyone who creates art can, if they choose, focus on their suffering and say that’s where it comes from.” — Jeff Tweedy

“I believe that poetry came into existence because people needed it—if it were easy to write down and record things without poetry.” — Jeff Tweedy

“We wouldn’t have needed poetry. But for some reason we did.” — Jeff Tweedy

“The creative state is the most important part. None of it means anything if you’re not excited by the discovery of what you’re making.” — Jeff Tweedy

“I mean the permission we withhold or give ourselves to pursue those dreams.” — Jeff Tweedy

“So if you’re doing something with your free time other than writing a song, it’s because you really don’t want to write a song.” — Jeff Tweedy

“It’s just a matter of telling yourself that your creation is OK, no matter what it is.” — Jeff Tweedy

Best Famous Quotes By Jeff Tweedy 



Jeff Tweedy is an American musician, record producer, and songwriter. He is best known as the lead singer and guitarist for the world-famous alternative rock band ‘Wilco.’

Tweedy has released 20 studio albums in his career, the most well-known of which being “Mermaid Avenue,” which he co-wrote with another well-known singer, “Billy Bragg.” Jeff Tweedy’s net worth is currently a hot topic among his admirers. His net worth as of today is $8 million.

Tweedy began his career as a member of the high school band ‘The Plebes,’ which included now-famous musician ‘Jay Farrar.’ His high school band evolved into the well-known ‘Uncle Tupelo,’ which sadly disbanded later. Tweedy’s current band Wilco was formed after his old band had achieved critical and commercial success.

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