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Tips To Help in Your Last-Minute JEE Preparations



There is no denying that preparing early for your exams is helpful in getting you to perform well on the big day. It is also true that the ones who taste success in such tough exams like JEE don’t falter from the path of preparation until the final day. Their dedication and determination remain the same from the first day of the preparation to the day before the exams. 

With that being said, it’s a fact that the pressure and nervousness do increase significantly on your mind as the day of the exam approaches. You check the JEE Main app and study notes repeatedly and worry constantly. Now, relax and look at these last-minute tips for your preparations.

1. Revise the crucial reactions, theorem, and formulas

Your last-minute JEE preparation needs to incorporate daily revisions. Thus, before your examination, you need to conduct daily revisions and practice all the crucial reactions, theorems, and formulas. Keeping these facts in mind will aid you in solving many questions. In addition to that, you can write the formulas in notebooks and make flashcards before the exam.

2. Get your doubts cleared immediately

You shouldn’t leave your doubts unanswered. You need to clear out your doubts based on any concept or topic before your examinations. You can either consult your parents, friends, school teachers, or the mentors in the JEE online classes to get a clear idea about the concepts in your JEE syllabus.

3. Mock tests are important for your preparation

You must take a series of mock tests for your JEE Main and Advanced exams. It will majorly help you in testing your level of IIT preparation. Additionally, you would get a complete idea about JEE marking scheme, questions types, exam patterns, and so on. These aspects will help you to be more prepared to take the examination. Institutes like Extramarks offers unlimited practice tests to amp up your preparation

4. Do not be too overworked during this time

It is one of the most common practices for the students to keep burning their midnight oil right before their examinations. Students usually study for more hours than they can and end up overexerting themselves, which is a bad practice. So, you shouldn’t make this mistake at all.

You should rather get enough rest and sleep before the exams. In that case, you’ll get to study properly with a renewed mindset. In addition to proper sleep and rest, you also need to exercise on a daily basis and maintain a proper diet.

5. Maintain the right attitude and mindset

Though JEE holds a reputation as a challenging and difficult exam, you need to keep a positive attitude. You need to focus on your aim to be successful in your final examination. So, avoid all kinds of stress and try to stay calm. Make sure to take enough breaks between your IIT JEE preparation. Also, make stressbusters and fun activities a part of your daily schedule.


There is no examination where you cannot excel if you prepare with all your heart and soul. And JEE is not an exception. So, go ahead and give it your best shot, and success will be yours.


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