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Why Do Leaking Basement From The Floor Occurs?

Basement Flooding

Have you ever noticed leaking basement from the floor? If you haven’t yet, you may not understand the ordeal homeowners who discover this go through. It is a scary thing that no homeowner would like to see in his home. But do you know why?

Well if your basement is leaking from the floor, that could be a sign that a bigger problem is on the way or already happening. This is, therefore, an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly, and that is why homeowners are normally advised to call an expert immediately they discover leaking basement. Why and how this happens can vary, so a thorough investigation into the problem is required.

1. Flooding or Leaking Basement?

Before you start your investigations, assess the danger. Any appliances in the water can pose a significant threat, especially if it comes to conduct with electricity. So, before you enter switch off all the electricity and if you cannot see well what you are doing, grab some flashlight. 

Next, ensure that the source of the water is from the floor of the basement and not pouring on to it from pipes. Once you make sure that it is not the case of flooding, then you can go on and find out what is causing your basement to leak.

2. Common Causes of Flooding.

To know the exact cause of flooding, there are some questions you must get an answer to;

  • Are there common issues with foundations and basements due to the high level of groundwater in your location? 
  • Did heavy rain occur, or was there fast melting-snow lately?
  • Is it possible there is a burst municipal pipe near your home?
  • Could there be something, e.g., strong winds that have shifted the position of your downspouts?
  • Are there some pipes in the concrete that have busted?

3. Some Places That Could Be `Potential Sources of Wet Basement.

  • Window Wells.

Window wells are created to let in light into the basement while not allowing water and soil to get near the window. Unfortunately, these places can get clogged by debris over time. This prevents water from draining as it should, and eventually, water finds its way into the basement walls.

  • Wall Cracks.

 This is a serious problem and can lead to more serious issues if it is not checked in advance. A crack can result due to a structural problem that could either be in the foundation or the walls themselves. Remember that if the problem is in the foundation that can even be more dangerous since foundation forms the strength of your structure. 

If water finds its way into the cracks and temperatures go down, the water freezes and when temperatures increase the cracks expand. Why you may say a hydraulic cement will be good to take care of this, the only way to get peace of mind is to call an expert in wet basement repair and asses the foundation of your home.

4. Honeycomb Concrete

Sometimes it happens that the constructors didn’t mix the concrete well that was poured in the foundation during the construction of your home. Poorly mixed concrete leaves air pockets which eventually disintegrates under hydraulic pressure, hence allowing water to fill the spaces under your basement. Further force by hydraulic pressure leads to leaking basement.

5. Mortar Joints

This is the main issue, especially in old homes. As your home ages, old mortar loses its resistance to water due to continuing deterioration over time. On the one hand, this is something that can be repaired. However, on the hand, the leaking might be happening in multiple places, and you may not be able to diagnose all the places since the gaps or cracks could be too small to locate.

6. What to Do

To avoid leaking basement floor, there is one sure thing you should do, and that is maintaining your plumbing. Water lines and sewers are big causes of a leaky basement, and if you could maintain your plumbing, you will rarely experience wet basement repair. You could call an expert for wet basement repair, but if you don’t take preventive measures, you may have to deal with wet basement now and then. Note that prevention is better than cure, and it will end up saving you hundreds of money.


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