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Learn How Garage Containment Mats Work



Regardless of whether you have just laid a new concrete floor in your garage or given a facelift with paint to the existing floor, the last thing you want is this floor being damaged by vehicle salts from icy roads, car oil, or other debris. So you need to have a garage containment mat to protect the floor from such type of damage. 

Garage rubber containment mats are usually an affordable option you can use to cover the entire garage or even just problem areas like where you park your vehicle. A floor mat can be a barrier between the floor and snow melts, oil drips, and many other things. The good thing is that there are lots of products on the market, making it easier for you to choose a floor mat that meets your needs. This post discusses how garage containment mats work.

Garage floor containment mats

Garage containment mats are quite advantageous for both commercial and residential properties. They are an effective and quick solution for preventing mud, snow, oils, and water from getting to your garage floor. Besides, a water containment mat can remove safety concerns that are related to slippery floors.

Unfortunately, some people think that a garage floor mat cannot capture liquids and trap out moisture. This is because most of these floor mats available out there are made up of flimsy and thin materials that can easily break. 

But there are also many other high-quality garage floor mats on the market. Some of the containment mats are uniquely designed and come with a containment edge that keeps ice, snow, mud, and water off the garage floor. Many of these garage floor mats also come with durable material that can handle regular car traffic as well as temperature environments. Also, the garage floor mats come in various sizes, making it easy for you to choose the one that meets your needs.

Remember that rubber containment mats are there to protect the floor from water, ice, snow, and mud every time you get into your garage. Therefore, a containment mat has a built-in containment edge to capture deicing liquids. Additionally, some garage containment mats have stay-put corners to keep the floor mat from moving out of place.

It’s also worth noting that a water containment mat can keep a variety of water, but it depends on the specifications like their length, height, and width. These mats can come in handy when there is a blizzard or downpour because they may catch all the fluids that spill, drop, or leak.

When it comes to installing garage containment mats, they are easy to use and need no tools or installation. Most of the garage containment mats come in a box, so you just need to open the box with the mat, unfold the mat, and then lay the mat flat in the garage. But you need to first sweep or even air blow the garage floor before installing it. Also, make sure that the sharp edges are smoothed out. 


Garage containment mats with stay-put corners need a couple of minutes of work to make sure that the mat stays firmly in place. Therefore, you need to find the right place for the mat in the garage. You should remember to clean and dry all the corners of the mat that you want to place the stay-put corners.

Because many people install garage containment mats while temperatures are low, then it’s a good idea to clean the place with a rag and use a hair dryer’s high temperature setting to heat and dry up the floor for easier application of the stay-put corner. There are usually two pads for each corner, so you can utilize gentle heat to put the pads.  

Applications that use garage floor containment mats

A garage floor containment mat for a car is a great way for commercial and residential uses. The common use of this floor mat is in the residential garage, but there are also various other purposes that you can use these floor mats. Garage floor mats for winter provide a wide range of possibilities for commercial businesses and residential homes. They can remove safety issues and prevent muddy and wet floor messes.

Think about this, you just got into the garage after visiting a grocery store. It had been a snowy day, and you only want to unload your groceries and get into your home. While getting out of the car, you see that your car is covered with snow including its underside. You realize that in just a couple of minutes, the snow may melt and leave puddles of water on the garage floor.

In this case, you need a garage containment mat to prevent a messy garage floor. You can find rubber garage containment mats that serve various purposes and benefits. Some of the benefits include saving time by removing extra work, eliminating a mess in the garage, and removing safety issues. 

Keep in mind that a garage containment mat saves you the problem of cleaning up messy mud and removes safety concerns. Unfortunately, slippery floors are considered to be the key cause of major accidents that occur at home. Therefore, you need to put a garage containment floor mat to protect you and even your family from unnecessary accidents.

When it comes to cleaning the garage containment mats, it’s also easy. Remember that you can improve the longevity and performance of the floor mat by cleaning it. Some of the garage containment mats come with an easy-to-use squeegee, making cleanup an easy job. Alternatively, you can utilize a soft-bristle brush or even a mop to clean your garage containment mat. 

Also, you can decide to hose your garage containment mat and use a mild kitchen detergent to get rid of debris. But if the garage containment mat has oils and chemicals on it, then it’s a good idea to consult the local authorities concerning the right disposal of your mat. After all, it makes sense to keep the environment around your home in good condition.


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