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Low-Cut vs High Top Sneakers: What Style Is Better For You?

High Top Sneakers
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Sneakers come in all shapes and sizes, with countless varieties to showcase your personal style. From sporty ASICS to sleek Pumas, there are plenty of ways to work sneakers into your daily wardrobe. So how do you decide between a low-cut or high-top sneaker style? Follow this guide to picking your next pair of shoes.

Sneakers for Style

When it comes to picking the right pair of kicks to go with your outfit, it’s all about coordination. You want to make sure the rest of your wardrobe gives you a chance to show style with your sneakers. To highlight your low-cut or high-top sneakers, keep a few guidelines in mind:

  • High-Top Sneaker Wardrobe: A set of trendy puma sneakers goes best with an outfit that shows them off. Choose a pair of jeans or joggers that hit at the ankle, so the full show will be on display. If your pants are a bit longer than that, choose a tapered ankle or cuff the hem. Wear low-cut socks that don’t come up over the edge of the sneaker.
  • Low-Cut Sneaker Wardrobe: The below-the-ankle profile of low-cut sneakers goes well with a wide range of styles. Sport them with low-cut socks and a pair of shorts for a summer-time look. Or, rock a pair of patterned socks and low-cut sneakers along with jeans or trousers. 

No matter what style you go with, there’s a pair of sneakers to match it.

Sneakers for an Active Life

If you’re planning to hit the courts or the trail in your sneakers, it’s important to consider the right type of shoe for the type of exercise you’ll be doing. Low-cut styles are better for some activities, while high top sneakers are the mode of choice for others. Before you head outside to exercise, consider these tips for picking the right footwear.

  • Running: Low-cut sneakers that allow for maximum flexibility are the name of the game for running shoes. Preferences vary on the right amount of cushion, tread, and other features. Check out New Balance sneakers to find popular, durable options. A quality pair of running shoes can cover 400 to 500 miles before they need to be replaced.
  • Basketball: High top sneakers are the original basketball shoe, dating back to Converse All-Stars coming on to the scene in the early 20th century. The higher rise around the ankle provides additional support as players move in all directions around the court. These days, professional basketball players wear both low-cut and high-top styles. 
  • Walking: Frequent walkers benefit from a pair of low-cut sneakers with ample support. Look for a shoe that conforms to your foot and provides the right amount of width, contour, and support. While your running shoes can fill the role for long walks, you’ll need different levels of cushioning for the two activities. Check out offerings from ASICS and other popular brands.
  • Tennis: The hard surface of a tennis court can do a number on your sneakers, so you’ll want to have the right shoes for the job. Choose a low-cut style with a light-colored sole that won’t scuff up the court. Make sure there’s plenty of support and cushion to allow for side-to-side movement.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of sneakers to wear out for the afternoon or the right shoes for your next workout, there are plenty of styles of ASICS, Puma, and other brands to choose from.


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High Top Sneakers
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