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5 Quality Measures To Improve Medical Billing Services In 2020

Medical Billing Services

In order to sustain the quality of medical business, it is important to sustain the quality of every aspect that contributes to the success of your practice. Medical billing services are also one of the integral factors that decide the fortune of a medical business. Therefore, practitioners must track down medical complications rates and other quality indicators to make improvements in the over healthcare revenue cycle management services.

In this article, I have provided 5 quality metrics to estimate the quality measures of medical billing services. Its aim is to tackle healthcare price transparency and reduce excessive expenses in order to shift to patient-centered care.

1. Comprehensive Suite Of Medical Billing Services:

It is the primary responsibility of medical billers to prepare well-structured medical billing statements that are comprehensive to patients as well. If medical billers have used typically complicated jargon of medical codes then it would become difficult for patients to discriminate irrelevant information and get a clear idea of their payables. Complicated billing statements will obstacle the payment procedure and ultimately reduce the efficiency of revenue cycle management services.

Therefore, practitioners should prepare measurable metrics in order to determine that healthcare organizations propose a clear and organized payment method for their patients. Although, medical bills are prepared by using the complicated language of medical codes.

However, medical billers should design billing statements in a way that patients can easily understand them. It will also help them to realize their overdue payments easily and accelerate your revenue collection procedure as well. This is a vital step to promote patient-centric medical billing services that are also the best solution for modern healthcare practices. 

2. Ensure Transparency:

Physicians must ensure transparency throughout the medical billing process. They should device measurable factors to estimate quality around price transparency. This metric helps to ensure if prices were readily available by patient demand. While some of the payers in the United States provide transparency in their payment methods. On the other hand, some of them fail to do so which may also result in revenue leakage.

3. Effective Communication Portal For Patients:

Medical practitioners should also propose an effective communication gateway for patients where they can contact medical billers if they have any concerns about their medical bills. With the proper involvement of patients, medical billers will have the disposal of complete patient information. It can help billers to prevent information errors and provide accommodations to patients before a problem arises. In this way, billers can tackle the issues of patients who might feel neglected when it comes to discussing medical bills. Ultimately, this effective communication approach would also improve patient-provider relationships.

4. Follow Up On Unpaid Claims:

Medical practitioners should have a dedicated team of medical billing specialists that can rigorously follow up on medical claims. They must have sufficient resources that can manage denials and appeal claims in a timely manner. Practitioners should not attempt to sue patients over unpaid medical bills. It is the core violation of the objective of a hospital which is supposed to be a safe place for individuals with any illness or injuries. Therefore, this quality metric would more value to the authenticity of medical billing services.

5. Prepare Medical Bills For Actual Services Received By The Patients:

Medical billers should avoid abusive medical practices i.e. upcoding, under coding, etc. Upcoding refers to the concept of charging patients more than the payment of actual services received by them. On the other hand, coding refers to the concept of charging patients less than the payments of actual services. Most of the fraudulent medical billing practices involve upcoding that addresses the double standard of expecting patients who are paying out of pocket to pay more than others for the same care.

Secondly, medical billers should also adopt quality measures to charge directly for complications that happened due to a serious adverse event.


Healthcare organizations should adopt these quality measures in order to make significant improvements in medical billing services.

Otherwise, fraudulent activities could cause financial harm to the medical organization. This financial harm can also explicitly influence the clinical care services and well-being of patients. Therefore, practitioners must acquire the help of reliable medical billing specialists that can sustain the quality of financial experience and help physicians to meet their revenue goals.

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Medical Billing Services
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