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Prepare for Your Microsoft Windows Server Certification Exams with PrepAway Dumps

Microsoft Windows Server Certification Exams

The field of IT is constantly changing. This makes it tough for a specialist with a basic-level qualification to survive in it because you always need to be up to date with the new developments to work with them. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes. The best solution would be to get a certification from a reputed vendor. While getting certified helps you update your knowledge, it also has many other benefits that will be discussed further below in this article. To give you an idea of a certification process, we will take the MCSA: Windows 365 certification from Microsoft as an example and consider one of the exams you are required to pass to earn it.

General overview of MCSA: Windows 365 certification

MCSA: Windows 365 is an associate-level certification created for aspiring IT specialists interested in obtaining skills related to cloud-based Windows 365 cervices. It’ll qualify you for a position of Cloud Apps Administrator or SaaS administrator. There are two exams you must sit for in order to get certified: 70-346 and 70-411 (Managing Windows 365 Identities and Requirements and Enabling Windows 365 Services). Now, let’s see what’s in 70-411 exam and which techniques you can employ to prepare for it.

70-411 exam overview

70-411 test will assess your ability to manage clients and end-user devices, deal with SharePoint, configure and plan for Exchange Online and Skype for Business Online, and configure and secure Windows 365 services. It will have around 40-60 questions to be answered within 120 minutes.

So, which methods and materials are best for your exam preparation?

Preparation resources

There are many resources available for you to prepare for 70-411 exam. Microsoft offers online training, offline instructor-led training, exam prep videos created by Microsoft professionals, self-paced training, a practice test made in the same format as the actual exam, and books written by seasoned Microsoft Windows 365 experts. In addition to that, you can also find many other external sources like:

  • YouTube Videos

There are so many YouTube videos dedicated to Microsoft exams and courses. You can find videos that explain complex concepts in a very simple manner. Most of thesevideos are made by people who faced 70-411exam and want to share their experience with other candidates. Watching those videos is a great way to learn tips and tricks to polish your skills and learn from other people’s mistakes.

  • Books

There are a lot of reference books written by Microsoft experts. You can purchase them from Microsoft Press Store, Amazon, and other websites. Reference bookscontain detailed descriptions that explain the subject matter thoroughly. And some of them even have sample questions that you can do to find out if you have understood those concepts. One of the most recent study guides for 70-411 is Orin Thomas’s Exam Ref 70-411 Enabling Windows 365 Services (2nd edition).

  • Exam Dumps

Exam dumps are some of the best resources to help you practice for the exam. An example of a site where you can find reliable exam dumps is PrepAway. PrepAway is a great choice because it offers ETE files which you can use with the ETE Exam Simulator software. The Exam Simulator creates an environment similar to that of the actual exam. By using ETE files, you can become familiar with the test atmosphere so that you don’t become nervous during the real exam. Simulations also allow you to see the structure of the questions and practice them until you get the hang of it. But you need to be careful when using exam dumps. Unlike PrepAway, there are many sites that contain inaccurate and useless exam dumps. So, take good care to avoid such websites.

Microsoft Certifications:-

Windows Server 2012:-

Windows Server 2016:-

SQL & Azure Specializations:

  • Online forums

There are many online forums dedicated to 70-411 exam. Since theforum is a place where exam candidates and certified specialists hang out, you can ask any questions. So, visit a specialized forum and clear your doubts if you have any. 

Benefits of having the MCSA: Windows 365 certification

Having added qualifications can give you many benefits. And it’s the same with having the MCSA: Windows 365 certification. Listed below are some of the benefits you can get:

  • You can verify your skills

Just because you tell someone that you possess certain skills they won’t easily believe you unless you show them. And even if they take your word for it, you will not be able to demonstrate your skills during the interview.A certification can help alleviate that issue. The main purpose of the MCSA: Windows 365 credential is to verify your Cloud App Administrator/SaaS Administratorskills to convince anyone who has any doubts.

  • Your certification is accepted worldwide 

Microsoft is an organization at the top of its tier. Hence, everything produced by it is known to be of the best standard. So, a candidate with the Microsoft Windows 365 certification is bound to be considered more proficient than the rest.

  • Your credential gives you access to more job opportunities

Having extra skills means that you are qualified to do more. And there are jobs that have the MCSA: Windows 365 certification as a hiring requirement. This means you wouldn’t have been able to access these positions without said certification.

  • You can get a higher salary

Highly qualified employees tend to earn more money than uncertified personnel. Having the MCSA: Windows 365 certification can make you eligible for better jobs with a higher salary.

  • You can upgrade your qualification

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, IT is a very dynamic field. There are new developments, updates, and new mitigation techniques discovered almost daily. If you can’t keep up with them, you would become useless to your employers with time. But by earning certifications and renewing them from time to time, you can keep yourself updated and continue being a valuable asset to your employers. The path towards certification can also help you revise and polish your skills. 

Jobs you can get with your MCSA: Windows 365 certification

As mentioned earlier, getting more job opportunities is one of the benefits of getting the MCSA: Windows 365 certification. Here are a few jobs you can get:

  • Windows 365 Consultant
  • Windows 365 Solutions Engineer
  • Windows 365 Systems Exchange Engineer
  • Windows 365 Engineer
  • Windows 365 Administrator 
  • Windows 365 Architect 


Microsoft certifications are in high demand due to their quality but they are also known to be tough to acquire. Think about the benefits the MCSA: Windows 365 credential will bring to you and set your goals right now. Another reason to get this certification is that it brings you one step closer to MCSE: Productivity, which is a top-level Microsoft credential. Think about it!


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