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Mihir Gadhvi Quotes To Achieve Your Dreams In Life



Mihir Gadhvi Quotes

Small town people have proved that they have the thirst to prove themselves. One such example is Mihir Gadhvi.

Born in a small village of Junagadh, Gujarat, he graduated in BMS from Mumbai University. He is a commercially focused Social Media Marketing Consultant and Strategist. Along with that, he is the Director at Illustrake Digital Marketing Services Pvt Ltd. with the experience of working with over 200 startups. These include SME’s, brands and agencies across the world that offer strategic media support services that improve ROI.

He has helped brands like Shell Global, Kalyan Jewellers with their branding. Speaking to him, his ambitions reeks of helping individuals and businesses keeping in mind all the characteristics that might help them soar high. illustrake is a big contributor toward that path, he says. Self-learning is the biggest attribute that has got him here and he still swears by it.

Mihir Gadhvi Started 3nions with Satyansh Tiwari and Prakhar Shrivasta.

Mihir Gadhvi - Prakhar Shrivasta and Satyansh Tiwari

Mihir Gadhvi Quotes

 “Everything is easy if you are busy with it.” — Mihir Gadhvi

Mihir Gadhvi Best Quotes Images

“Don’t buy followers, be a real influencer.” — Mihir Gadhvi

Best Mihir Gadhvi Quotes

 “Ambitious people are always scheming a plan for the next journey.” — Mihir Gadhvi

 “What worked for others won’t work for you!” — Mihir Gadhvi

Mihir Gadhvi Quotes

“Risks are a part of your subconscious. Make sure you hear it.” — Mihir Gadhvi

 “Excellence is achieved by perfection and the road to that path is never-ending.” — Mihir Gadhvi 

Quotes by Mihir Gadhvi

 “Hard work done smartly, results in a fascinating outcome.” — Mihir Gadhvi

Mihir Gadhvi Quotes

 “Indian work-environment is way different than that of Silicon Valley. So don’t blindly follow them.” — Mihir Gadhvi

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 “Work is a routine and it can get boring but you’ll have to find an interesting way around.” — Mihir Gadhvi

Mihir Gadhvi Work Quotes

 “People respect hard workers but I prefer smart workers.” — Mihir Gadhvi

Mihir Gadhvi Life Quotes

 “Your existence matters only if you’ve done something substantial.”

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 “Process, patience, and progress are inter-related words that are prerequisites to forming an ideal lifestyle.” — Mihir Gadhvi

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 “An idea cannot change your life but a change can surely bring ideas into your life.” — Mihir Gadhvi

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 “In the time when AI and bots are a thing, one shouldn’t forget to be a human.” — Mihir Gadhvi

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 “Don’t stick to black or white; remember that grey does exist.” — Mihir Gadhvi

Mihir Gadhvi Quotes Images

 “Errors aren’t us human’s Achilles heel; its what sets all our plans in motion.” — Mihir Gadhvi

Quote by Mihir Gadhvi

Final Words

Illustrake is the up and coming business that consists a team of marketers and designers working together to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals. He deal with all the aspects of Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC), Branding & Designing, Video Animations, so on and so forth. Our expertise in Engineering, Digital Marketing, Blogging, Design, PR, and Marketing Automation gives us the confidence to meet client goals.

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  • Mihir Gadhvi Founder of 3nions « Tech Redefined



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