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Motivational Stories From 5 Hip-Hop Artists to Push You Forward in Life

Motivational Stories Hip-Hop Artists
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As we go through life, it is natural to get into the status quo. Sometimes we lose hope because of hard circumstances and continuous failures, and we start to accept that we can not achieve the heights of success. It is against the dignity of man.

If you look around, you will find that life is not a bed of roses for everyone. Those who do not accept being average in life, despite all hurdles, strive to change their fate, and they make it happen with their determination.

Here are five real-life stories of hip-hop artists to inspire you to move ahead in life to accomplish your targets.

Jay Z

The name is not alien to the ears of music lovers. He overcame failures and achieved great success and fame from every nook and corner. It won’t be wrong to say that he clawed victory and changed his depravity into art.

 Shawn Carter was brought up by a single mother with his three siblings. The neighboured he lived in was a center of crime. He was a school dropout and a guy known for his hot temper. 

Yesterday’s Shawn Carter and today’s Jay Z was never afraid of failure. In his book Decoded, he says that failure is something we all face. We need to change the angle when bad things, bad luck, and bad situations become unbearable; we must think that this is not our story. It will motivate us to bring change.

Even being shot on a few occasions and a part of drug life, and facing setbacks in his earlier days, he never thought of coming back to a mediocre life. His determination made him a producer and then CEO of Rock-A-Fella, won 19 Grammys, sold over 75 million records, and rest is history.

Life was a hard knock, and he used failures as a productive force for attaining favorable outcomes.

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey was not only a Grammy-nominated rap artist but was also an entrepreneur and community philanthropist. He had collaborated with big names like Drake and Diddy. He never felt shy to talk about his violent past and long affiliation with Rollin’ 60s. 

He worked for empowering and employing underprivileged groups in Los Angeles. He auspiciously evolved from self-proclaimed gang members to label signee and making philanthropic efforts to help several teens through his real state investments and science & tech learning centers.

The undisputable figure in the West coast rap scene made all digital copies of his album available for free for his fans and sold physical copies only for 100$ each. He revolutionized his business by frequent free selling of digital copies. He built his own industry to define his legacy. 

He was shot dead in March 2019. The news left music lovers in shock, and people showered condolence messages to the family. Former American President Barak Obama sent a letter to deliver his condolence and praise Hussle’s well-lived life.

Read Nipsey Hussle’s magical words collected by Emoovio to know more about him and get inspired.


Marshal Bruce Mather III, the famous Eminem, was a victim of bullying at school and had a traumatic childhood. He talks about the painful events of bullying in his songs like “Brain Damage” and “Legacy.” His mother was a valium addict and also fed young Marshal these pills. 

His songs “My Mother” and “Cleaning out my closet” explains the setbacks of his childhood. Since childhood, he found a great deal of interest in the English language and rap songs. He was always ready to improve his vocabulary, and soon, he started writing his verses and competing in local rap battles. 

Despite all the harsh criticism based on his complexion, he emerged as runner up of “Rap Olympics.” When his debut album went flop, he even thought of committing suicide. There, his life took a turn, and Eminem developed his alter-ego “Slim Shady,” which made him a star and took him to Aftermath Records and Interscope Records, the two giants in the music industry.


The famous American rapper was born in harsh conditions in East Harlem, NYC. His parents were active members of Black Panther. 

Tupac studied ballet, poetry, and music at the Baltimore School of Arts. He performed in Shakespear’s plays and participated in many rap battles. He earned a good name because of his superior rap skills.

Moving from one city to another did not hamper his love for creative arts. His song “Brenda’s Got a Baby” made him settle in a deal with Interscope Records. Life was never easy for Pac. He had a lot of enemies and was shot five times in 1994 in the lobby of Quad Recording Studios. 

The story of the acclaimed God of hip hop came to an end in an unfortunate event of brutal gunshots at night in Las Vegas on September 13, 1996. He was in his car with his manager Sug Knight, when a man in another vehicle shot him to death.

Through his songs, he brought his famous statement, “I will spark the brain that will change the world” to life.

Kayne West

The sensational rap leader cum producer has an interesting life story. He belonged to a solid background. His mother was an English professor, and his father was a photojournalist. Both parted their ways when Kayne was only three years old. His mother raised him and proved to be real support for his music career. She funded his first record when he was thirteen.

Kayne got his first break by selling a beat for eight thousand dollars to artist Gravity, and then the doors of success and fame welcomed him graciously. He produced many famous artists, including Jay Z, Goodie Brown, and Mase. He wanted to make his own music.

He produced his first single “Through the wire” with a wired shut jaw. His first album was a big hit. He has collaborated with many artists, produced records, and worked in the fashion industry as well.

He is happily married to Kim Kadarshian and has four kids with her.

Bottom Line

On the off chance, you are feeling low and thinking about how everything has turned against you, like bad parents, poverty, or anything. Just think about Shawn Carter, Eminem, Kayne, 2pac who became household names and set things in their favor or Nipsey Hussle, who worked for others’ well-being. 

Believe in your dreams and keep going on. Failure is not disgraceful. You can realize your ideas with your firm resolution.


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Motivational Stories Hip-Hop Artists
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