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Pidol hopes to attract many big stars through the optimization of the platform



Speaking during the  NEU Youth Festival, Hanoi, Pidol’s representative hoped that with a series of outstanding advantages for both content creators and viewers, the new generation livestream application will attract many major stars. 

With the concept of “Emotional land”, NEU Youth Festival 2022 – Emo Land is held on a large and attractive scale. This is a special event, exclusively for students of School year 64 organized by the Vietnamese Youth Union and Student Union of the University. In the fifth year of the event, NEU Youth Festival is considered as one of the biggest new student welcome festivals in the country and attracts a large number of students.

Here, students will see the competition of talented dance groups, discover the Orientation Camp program from clubs, school teams and experience booths from big sponsors. 

By becoming the annual sponsor of the event, Pidol made many students excited, curious and lined up to participate. As the Exclusive Diamond Sponsor, Pidol’s booth is considered the most spectacular. With a modern and eye-catching design, along with a team of representatives who have flown in from many parts of the world, Pidol’s booth attracted many Vietnamese young people to participate in the experience and receive interesting gifts. With just a short video, young people participating in Pidol’s activities have the opportunity to win valuable prizes. Pidol also encourages participants to unleash their creativity, as well as enthusiastically assist them in creating content to participate in the contest.

Representing Pidol at NEU Youth Festival 2022

Right from the opening of the booth early in the morning, many young people came to visit, looking forward to participating in the experience of transforming into an Idol. With the criteria of “three nos”: “no censorship”, “no copyright”, “no fee”, Pidol has stimulated the imagination of young people, creating fun and creative videos. Pidol’s booth during the event was always crowded, and only lessened when the event gradually came to an end in the late afternoon.

Thousands of Vietnamese young people excitedly attended the show of Pidol

Speaking at the event, a representative of Pidol said that he was very surprised because he did not think that many Viet young people were so excited to join Pidol’s booth. This shows them that the development of the platform is resonating well. The platform’s member community is getting closer and closer to 100k.


In addition, when asked about whether Pidol can recruit any popular streamers or content creators online, Pidol’s representative stated that everything will depend on fate and luck. However, Pidol believes that with the features that the platform has and will have in the future, they will attract the attention of a large number of people of all ages to participate.

The representative of Pidol hopes the platform will attract a large number of Vietnamese participants

With the intention of putting users in the center, Pidol sets out to solve the problems that most content creators are facing such as: limited content posting, receiving only a fraction of the total revenue for their content, and serious rather, the disclosure of personal information that content creators do not want to reveal. and being developed on the web 3.0 platform has solved most of the above problems.

Pidol provides the freedom to create and access whatever content the user desires. This is considered one of the benefits of the web 3.0 platform, as there are no unreasonable community rules to manipulate the creators, preserving the integrity of their personal imprints. Similarly, viewers can access whatever content they want. Pidol knows that this can lead to the spread of sensitive content. However, the Pidol team also anticipated and planned to manage all of the above content streams. In addition, Pidol always encourages users to create and post content that brings value to the community. 

Another benefit that Pidol brings to the user community is the security of personal information. There have been many incidents in the past, when the personal information of users of social platforms was exposed, whether intentionally or unintentionally. But with Pidol, a platform built with blockchain technology, user information will be absolutely secure.

Pidol is a product of the Pavilium ecosystem. On Pidol, everyone can easily live stream and create short videos without any limitations. Especially, Pidol does not collect any fees. Content creators will receive all benefits when participating in Pidol.

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