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How Publications Pitch the Business to Grow

Pitch the Business to Grow

1. Read the publication you are pitching.

First of all know what the publication wants to do suppose a publication helps a company to grow their online business your pitch should have relevance to that read the publication you want pitch to read the twitter feed of any editor read any archive or any topics they care about, check their about page check their tag line they might also run an event look at the speakers see the subject matters they talk about and you can get a possible picture what the publication is trying to solve. If you want to get real deep you want to know the tone of the website.

2. Explain why you are qualified to write about your topic.

Tell why the editor should listen to you. You don’t have to be New York Times bestselling author, did you do some research, do you have any audience where you pulled this information from no one cares how you got your expertise when the editor will present you in front of the audience they will say that this person know what are they talking about that not only means your personal history but it will also mean you back up your idea with evidence and proper research. For blogger outreach you can check out premium service from degions, Here is the link you write your pitch picture the most the most scenic person you know. You need to make sure that the research and evidence are bullet proof so from an editor perspective they will think what this person is talking about they get what I am trying to write so of course, they will give you a platform.

3. Come up with a strategy.

Though coming up with strategy doesn’t technically help you with pitching directly but will help to be successful and get the most out of you in guest blogging process you have to think what you want to accomplish with the guest post do you want new client, do you want more traffic,do you want people to download something for you in the guest post bio thinking about that because your overall strategy should guide your decision we make about what sites you are gonna pitch, What topic you are gonna write about all these good kinds of stuff so you need a strategy.

4. Find the right sites to pitch

Think about your business goal or what industry you are in and who you are gonna get your content in front of make sure you pick a website or allow you to get in front of your targeted audience (Note: not to send an irrelevant post to any blogger or site owner about freelance writing, blogging,content strategy)  you need to make sure that you pick a site that is a good fit because in your site you have to make it clear that this guest post will be beneficial for them and not just for you. Be sure to be strategic and make sure to post a relevant topic which will be great for their audience.

5. Looking through the sites current post and also the guest post guideline if they have.

Use the sites search tool for guest posting guidelines and you could probably find their page about guest post guidelines if their site accepts guest post. Google can also be used by typing the site you want to write for and then type guest post guidelines or write for us and search that way read this guideline thoroughly cause you might find something that can change your entire pitch or topic and you do wanna look through the sites existing blog post. Get a field of the topic they publish to get a field of the headline they post really familiarizing yourself with their existing content will help you to come up with good topics good pitch. (Note: Search about the site you’re thinking to pitch before pitching)

6. Sitting down to write your pitch

You need to personalize use the first name of the person emailing, compliment something specific about their website be unique and genuine make genuine connection with the person you’re pitching you can also make a pitch about them show that you have done your research and that your blog post will be beneficial for them how the post will benefit their business, Give them some different option to choose from as far as the topic you wanna write about giving them summary of each topic keep it short without any lot of detail. You could also provide them a link about a post you are proud of don’t be robotic be genuine and friendly. The blogger will likely ask you to submit more than one headline when they accept your pitch. Your relationship with the editor is just as impotent if not more important as the quality of your writing.

Pitch the Business to Grow
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