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10 Property Documents Before Buying Property in India

Property Documents

Be it a fully furnished apartment or an empty plot or an independent house, property documents play a vital role. Before buying a dream house, it is a must for every individual to be aware of these ten important property documents. One should make sure of these legalities which in turn helps to avoid a legal battle with the respective seller. Before fulfilling your ambitious dream wait a minute and know about the property documents.

Here is the list of essential property documents one should know about, before buying any property in India.

  1. Mother deed.
  2. Sale Deed.
  3. Conversion certificate.
  4. Encumbrance certificate.
  5. Commencement certificate.
  6. Building approval plan.
  7. Power of Attorney.
  8. Khata certificate.
  9. Betterment charges receipt.
  10. Latest tax paid receipt.

1. Mother deed

Mother deed is an important document that gives complete details about ownership from the start. This document is also known as a parent document. In general, these documents must be collected from the Mother Deed at the time of purchase. These copies can also be collected from registering authorities in the absence of mother deed. Mother deed includes information about partition, gift or inheritance and change in ownership of property.

2. Sale Deed

Before processing the sale deed, the seller should make sure of the settlement of water charges, electricity charges, property tax, society charges, maintenance charges, etc. Sale deed act as proof for the transfer of ownership of property from the seller to the buyer. Before executing Sale deed, one should check about terms and conditions and the buyer should make sure of the clear title.

3. Conversion Certificate

Obtaining a conversion certificate is mandatory. In detail, conversion certificate is issued in acceptance of using land from agricultural to non-agricultural use. Before issuing this certificate competent revenue authority sends a request to the Department of town and country planning to issue a NOC. Village map, certified copy of the land tribunal, three copies R.T.C extracts, zonal certificate, no dues certificate, mutation records copy and title deed are the document required to submit for conversion certificate.

4. Encumbrance Certificate

Encumbrance certificate gives details about liabilities created concerning a property. Only this document evidences the presence of mortgage and period of purchase/sale. In general, this encumbrance certificate can be obtained into seven working days.

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5. Commencement Certificate

After the completion of inspecting the site, local authorities will issue this commencement certificate. Without this commencement certificate construction will be considered illegal.

6. Building Approval Plan

BDA (Bangalore Development Authority), BMRDA, BIAPPA, BBMP sanctions a building plan. Without this plan construction, a building is illegal. To get an approved building plan following authorities protocol is mandatory. An individual can get this plan in 4-5 working days.

7. Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a process of handing over authority to another person on the owner’s behalf. Power of attorney is of two types, SPA(special power attorney) and GPA (general power attorney).

8. Khata Certificate

Khata certificate is considered compulsory for registering property. This is important for a new property and also for transferring of property. Khata extract is different from that account, where khata extract only provides the property information. One should not buy property with B khata as it is considered illegal. Purchasing property with A khata is legal as it is listed under BBMP

9. Betterment Charges receipt

Before issuing khata betterment charge is to be paid to BBMP. The same should be produced during property purchase.

10. Latest Tax Paid Receipt

To ensure that all taxes are paid up to date this receipt is mandatory. It is a buyers responsibility to ask for latest tax paid receipt to avoid further risk from municipality/government.

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Property Documents
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