Quotes About Changing Yourself

Quotes About Changing Yourself

Everything changes in life, from time to people and then your own self. Because nothing is permanent in life and nothing should be. Change comes to almost everything, in various ways like it may come slowly or in a rush.

Sometimes a change is very difficult to accept while other is welcomed wholeheartedly. When change requires us to come out of comfort zone to achieve a goal, then changing yourself becomes a need. These quotes about changing yourself will motivate you to become better individuals as it is rightly said you can not change the world unless you change yourself. Accomplishing goals require us to be hardworking and sincere towards it.

Be YourSelf Quotes enable us to make us hardworking and confident to achieve our ambition. These quotes are picked from various authors who have broken down their comfortable boundaries and have completely changed themselves for something big in life.

These are the following quotes about changing yourself will move your will and sincerity to a completely next level.

If you wait, all that happens is you get older. ― Larry McMurtry

Relationship with a nice person is like a sugarcane; You break it; Crush it; squeeze it; Even beat or grind it; still you will get only sweetness.

I think for it to be hip to be idealistic is weird, you know? I mean, even all the best rebels to me, had some sense of hope in them.

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

We cannot change a life! We can only change the way we live life. Any moment is the best moment, and any place is the best place

I feel what they feel. And people who listen to me know that, and it makes them feel like they’re not alone.

Why didn’t I learn to treat everything like it was the last time? My greatest regret is how much I believed in the future.

When my master and I were walking in the rain, he would say, ‘Do not walk so fast, the rain is everywhere.

Writing enters into us when it gives us information about ourselves we are in need of *at the time that we are reading.* How obvious the thought seems once it has been articulated! As with love, politics, or friendship: the readiness is all.

The proper response to conflict, whether it lies within us or without us, is disengagement.

What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.

You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live. Now.

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There is no remedy for love but to love more. ― Henry David Thoreau

I’ve always run by the hierarchy of ‘If not funny, interesting. If not interesting, hot. If not hot, bizarre. If not bizarre, break something.

I went for years without finishing anything. Because, of course, when you finish something you can be judged. ― Erica Jong

Between grief and nothing, I will take grief. ― William Faulkner

What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. ― Crowfoot

Gambling is not a vice. It is an expression of our humanness. We gamble. Some do it at the gaming table, some do not. You play, you win, you play, you lose. You play. ― Jeanette Winterson

Don’t worry, and don’t kick yourself forever. Just take the opportunities when they come. ― Bob Diamond

We must hold in our minds these utterly contradictory thoughts: not one of us matters at all; each of us is infinitely precious. ― Jane Emily Bowers

Sometimes a player’s greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team. ― Scottie Pippen

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware. ― Martin Buber

There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning. ― Thornton Wilder

As you begin to live according to your own guidance and your own daring everything changes completely. ― Leonard Willoughby

The best training is to read and write, no matter what. Don’t live with a lover or roommate who doesn’t respect your work. Don’t lie, buy time, borrow to buy time. Write what will stop your breath if you don’t write. ― Grace Paley

People always say to me, ‘When you get to the NBA, don’t forget about me.’ Well, I should’ve said back, ‘If I don’t make it to the NBA, don’t you forget about me. ― William Gates

Because that is when you love somebody — when you see them being a game in the face of the worst. Not courageous. Not heroic. Just game. ― Philip Roth

He leans over and takes her hand. With the other, he touches her face. ‘You your best thing, Sethe. ― Toni Morrison

You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. ― Wayne Gretzky

When life gives you lemons, just say, ‘Fuck the lemons,’ and bail. ― Jason Segel

Look within. Be still. Free from fear and attachment. Know the sweet joy of the way. ― Buddha

I am a writer who came of a sheltered life. A sheltered life can be a daring life as well. For all serious daring starts from within. ― Eudora Welty

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ― Anais Nin

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. ― Thoreau

Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle. ― Christian D. Larson

Watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in the magic will never find it! ― Roald Dahl

Every single person has an ocean of pure vibrant consciousness. Every single human being can experience that — infinite intelligence, infinite creativity, infinite happiness, infinite energy, infinite dynamic peace. ― David Lynch

I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works. ― Louise Hay

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The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ― Marcel Proust

One of the few things I know about writing is this: spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it, right away, every time. Do not hoard what seems good for a later place in the book or for another book; give it, give it all, give it now. ― Annie Dillard

It’s always been my philosophy: Turn the page. If something falls through, turn the page. It’s over with, get used to it, get on with it. Very simple. It’s always worked for me. ― Merv Griffin

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. ― Rumi

Hold fast to stars. Hold fast to the elusive, the intangible, the never to be had; for stars fall from heaven sometimes, and kings are born in barns, and miracles rise out of little things. ― Anonymous

Happiness is like a cat. If you try to coax it or call it, it will avoid you. It will never come. But if you pay no attention to it and go about your business, you’ll find it rubbing against your legs and jumping into your lap. ― William Bennett

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And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.

The state of self-realization, as we call it, is not attaining something new or reaching some goal which is far away, but simply being that which you always are and which you always have been.

Final Words:

The above quotes about changing yourself would have definitely moved your will and now you would be thinking about stepping down your bed and start working hard to achieve the next milestone of life and much more such like that. You should also encourage your friends and family to change their self by asking them to visit our page to see the quotes about changing yourself.



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