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10 Reasons to Choose a Career in Nursing

Career in Nursing

For those who want to help people, nursing is a great career path. Many people in India feel they’re called to this professional, as they wanted to serve people in any way possible. As a nurse, you may have a positive impact on the lives of patients.

If you’re wondering why you should look for nursing as a career option, here are the top 10 reasons to become a healthcare worker:

1. Various Job Opportunities

With an increasing number of hospitals and healthcare centers due to new diseases attacking human beings, India has a shortage of nurses in different healthcare departments. It indicates that there are great job opportunities in the nursing field after you complete your course from a good nursing college in Bhopal

2. You can make a Difference in Patients’ Lives 

Time and again, nursing has proven to be a career that allows nurses to make a difference in patients’ lives. There are so many critical situations in a hospital where patients put their complete trust in nurses. 

3. Nurses Can Look for Jobs Almost Anywhere 

While many nurses continue to work in clinics or hospitals, they also have opportunities to work with some assisted living centers, health agencies, schools, military bases, correctional facilities, community clinics, and outpatient care centers. 

As long as you have completed your course from a good nursing college in Bhopal and attained a nursing license for the state where you’re working, you can easily find a job anywhere in India. 

4. Nurses Get Amazing Benefits

Unlike other professions, nurses get amazing benefits like life insurance, tax saving plans, paid time off and tuition reimbursement. They even have access to programs offering student loans for helping them offset college costs after or during their college. 

5. Nursing Profession is Respected and Trusted by All

Nurses are known to be compassionate caregivers in every situation. Being a noble pursuit, many people in society consider the nursing profession respectable and trusted. 

6. Nurses have Higher Job Satisfaction Level 

Reportedly, around 70% to 80% of nurses are satisfied with their career and growth opportunities. The higher job satisfaction level makes another great reason for aspirants to choose nursing as their career path. 

7. Nurses can set their Schedule

Being a nurse, you get the flexibility to choose your work schedule. You may take three 12-hours work shifts every week or work on a set schedule on all five days, except weekends. However, in case of emergencies, they are expected to be there with the medical team to provide the best medical care.

8. Constant Industry Growth

Nursing is one of the in-demand occupations in India. Due to the high demand of nurses, the need for registered nurses in the country is likely to increases even more in the coming years. This makes nursing a stable career option with constant industry growth and increases access to healthcare insurance and other facilities.

9. Nurses May Choose from a Variety of Interesting Specialties

From emergency rooms to psychiatric floors, nurses may choose any of the desired specialties they like. For instance, if you don’t like to deal with adult patients, you may change the course to become a pediatric nurse. 

10. Nurses get Higher Salaries

Due to a shortage of registered nurses, you may expect to get higher wages and job security in the medical industry. The annual salary of nurses may range from INR 3.2 lakh to INR 7.8 lakh. However, matrons and nurses with over 20 years of experience receive a monthly salary between INR 1.0 lakh to INR 2.3 lakh.


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Career in Nursing
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