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Time to Detox: 5 Relaxing Vacation Ideas

Relaxing Vacation Ideas

Are you tired, cranky, and sick of the same old same old? Does it feel like you have been staring at the same four walls of your home or office for too long?

You need a vacation!

And not just any vacation. Renting a beach house with family or going on an action-packed road trip may be entertaining, but it may not give you much-needed R & R.

Here are five relaxing vacation ideas that are guaranteed to help you unwind.

1. Caribbean Cruise

If you want to get away from cooking, laundry, meal planning, and driving, a cruise will take all of those chores off your shoulders. You will eat delicious meals and never have to clean up. You can sign up for tours pre-planned so you do not need to fret about directions and timing.

Better yet, you can lounge in the sun or the spa all day and let everyone else do whatever they want to do. You don’t even have to worry about costs: there are some amazing cruise deals just waiting for you to find them.

2. A House in the Country 

If you are more of a landlubber, choose a quiet cottage in the country for some peace and quiet. You can select a country estate or a simple farmhouse for rent, but get away from email and noise by sleeping late, watching the sunset, and enjoying food fresh from the garden.

3. Spa Life 

Maybe to relax you need a little pampering. How about a hot stone massage and a seaweed wrap

Many cruises offer full spas where you can get facials, body work, and beauty treatments galore. Or you may wish to stay at a spa that offers these treatments in addition to nutritious meals, yoga and hiking, and spiritual practices. 

4. Meditation Retreat 

In today’s fast-paced world, more and more people are opting for meditation retreats to escape from the noise and look within for true serenity. You can spend a weekend, a week, or more in beautiful settings where you can learn different kinds of meditation to expand your mind and soothe your soul.

5. Luxury Hotel 

Sometimes just getting away from home for a night or two is enough to recharge. If you can’t get away for a full vacation, try a night at a luxurious hotel where you can recline on Egyptian sheets and order breakfast in bed.

If you have a busy trip planned like a cruise with the kids, why not bookend the trip with a luxury hotel stay at the beginning and end so you can get over any jet lag and ease yourself back into real life?

Relaxing Vacation Ideas: When Can We Leave? 

Whether it is on the ocean, letting the soothing sounds of the sea lull you to sleep, or in the quiet peace of a forest or desert, just getting away from it all can be a panacea for all that ails you. 

Collect some relaxing vacation ideas and arrange your calendar. You deserve a break! 

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Relaxing Vacation Ideas
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