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Top Scholarship Portals in India

Scholarship Portals in India Images

For an Indian student who wants to make the best career, Scholarships are a great source as in a developing country like India most people are below the poverty line. A crucial role is played by Scholarship portals in India, in disbursing various types of scholarships to the meritorious and underserved students of the country, who couldn’t afford expensive fees for higher education due to financial constraints.

A Scholarship portal acts as a dedicated online portal, where students from various strata of the society can get information related to the scholarship, and if fulfilling the conditions of the scholarship, there and then they could apply. The blog aims to provide the list of top Scholarship portals in India.

National Scholarship Portal

A national-level scholarship, National Scholarship Portal provides 50+ scholarships for students of various strata and sections of the society.

This scholarship is offered by the Government of India (GOI) under its National e-Governance Plan, which provides access to hundreds of crores of scholarships, which are being distributed by various departments of GOI. The National Scholarship Portal listed scholarships that have categorized into 4 sections- UGC Scholarship, Central Scholarship, State Scholarship, and AICTE Scholarship. Given below are the key facts related to this scholarship portal:



No. of Students registering at the NSP portal

Around 1.2 crore

Total no. of registration of  Institutions/Universities/Colleges/Boards on NSP

15 lakhs

Centrally Sponsored Scholarship on NSP


No. of UGC Scheme registered on NSP


No. of AICTE Scheme registered on NSP


No. of State-Sponsored Scholarship on NSP

More than 40

UP Scholarship Portal

Run by the name “Scholarship and Fee Reimbursement Online System”, UP Scholarship Portal is a state-sponsored scholarship, run by the government of Uttar Pradesh. There are around 10 scholarships (of Post matric and pre-matric scholarships) that are listed on the UP Scholarship Portal. Given below are the key facts related to this scholarship portal:



No. of Students registered on the portal

11 crores (approx)

No. of Students who submitted the scholarship application

85 lakhs (approx)

No. of application forwarded by the institutions

75 lakhs (approx)

No. of Scholarships available on UP Scholarship Portal


GOKDOM Scholarship Portal

GOKDOM Scholarship portal is run by The Directorate of Minorities, Government of Karnataka, which hosts a number of scholarships, for the students which are of minority sections (Muslim, Buddhism, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains, and Christians) of the Karnataka society. A state-owned scholarship, the students of Karnataka get complete information about the scholarship on the GOKDOM portal and there and then they can apply for the scholarships. There are 6 scholarships, which are listed in the GOKDOM Scholarship Portal.

PRERANA, Odisha (Post-Matric Scholarships Registration Release and Network Automation)

For students domicile in Odisha, PRERNA Scholarship is similar to the ST & SC Development and Minority & Other Backward Classes Welfare Department of Government of India. The PRERNA Scholarship aims for timely disbursement of the Scholarship to the student’s bank account and facilitates the Scholarship application process. 

By the name of the portal, only post-matric scholarships offered belong to SC/ST/OBC/EBC students. The application period of the post-matric scholarship offered on this portal is between August and December.

AICTE Scholarship

Offering technical education in the country, All India Council for Technical Education is a statutory body. AICTE offers numerous scholarships for students, some of them include Saksham Scholarship for Disabled Students, PG Scholarship, Pragati Scholarship for Girls and more. There are separate portals for different scholarships, which are run by AICTE. Some of the key facts which are related to this scholarship portal are:



Total No. of Scholarships offered


No, of Students benefiting from this scholarship portal each year


Key application dates for the Scholarship

April – October every (Tentative as it may change)

MHRD Scholarship

The Ministry of Health and Rural Development of Government of India runs the MHRD Scholarship, which focuses on the upliftment of education. There are around numerous scholarships offered by MHRD for providing financial assistance to students studying in India and abroad, through its two scholarship categories- national level scholarship and external scholarship.

Other scholarship portals in India, where the students can apply to get financial assistance for higher education are:

  • Canara Scholarship Portal
  • UGC Scholarship Portal
  • HP e-Pass Scholarship Portal
  • Dr. Ambedkar Scholarship Portal, Punjab
  • Oasis Scholarship Portal, West Bengal

I hope the blog has helped you provide the list of top Scholarship Portals in India, which offers various scholarships to students of each section of the society, for higher education at the pre-matric and post-matric level by various Central, State-owned government and various private organizations.

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Scholarship Portals in India Images
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