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What Are The Slip And Fall Laws In New Jersey

Slip And Fall Laws In New Jersey

If you happen to slip and fall in New Jersey on someone else’s property, you will want to know what the laws are so you can know what your options are. Was it a residential or commercial property you slip and fell on? Was the owner of the property neglectful causing your fall? You will want to know the answers to these questions before you can make the decision whether or not to file a claim with a New Jersey slip and fall lawyer. Keep reading to learn more about the laws for slip and falls in New Jersey.

The Statute Of Limitations for Slip and Fall in New Jersey

A statute of limitations is when you have so much time before you can file a claim against a residential or commercial property owner for your slip and fall accident. In New Jersey, you have two years to file a slip and fall claim before you can no longer do so. If you attempt to file your claim after the two years are up, the property owner will be sure to bring this to the court’s attention.

Although it is two years in New Jersey, there are some rare occasions that the statute of limitations may pause, which can give you a little more time to file your claim. However, you will need to know if there is a pause in the statute of limitations to ensure you get your claim on time.

Again, it is two years for your slip and fall in New Jersey for a personal injury claim. However, if you also have property damage caused by the accident, you have six years to file on that.

For Example:- if you broke an expensive watch when you fell and hurt yourself and you want to sue for the broken watch, you will have six years to do so.

Residential VS Commercial Property

You will need to determine the difference between residential and commercial property when it comes to a slip and fall in New Jersey. If the property is residential, and a single family home, the property owner is not responsible for your slip and fall accident. However, if the property is residential but is multi-family homes including apartment buildings, condos, and more, the property owner is responsible because there is more than one family living on the property.

If the property is commercial, the property owner is responsible because, especially if it is a business, they should have made sure the walkways and parking lots were clear of any debris and there was no ice near the property to ensure that no one will slip and fall on the ice and hurt themselves.

Have A Good Lawyer

You will want to hire a good lawyer for your slip and fall in New Jersey. The reason is that the property owner could turn things around on you and try to make out like you were the one being negligent. They could say things like the following:

  • The condition of the property, if dangerous, should have been obvious
  • There were cones and signs up telling people to stay off the property
  • Maybe you weren’t paying enough attention to where you were going
  • You weren’t wearing the proper shoes for the condition of the weather or the property

Make sure to hire a good lawyer or law firm to ensure you get what is rightfully yours when involved in a slip and fall laws in New Jersey.


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