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You Should Starting A Speech With A Quote Example

You Should Starting A Speech With a Quote Example

Quotes capture the imagination of listeners and will help you compress a thousand words. When used in a speech, they make the deliberations memorable and simplify the points you wish to pass. It is one of the most effective ways to enrich a speech. provides the best homework services to relieve stress with your schoolwork and boost your performance. 

“The world is waiting for your words.”

While quotes are good when added onto a speech, there are rules that guide their usage. They may send the wrong signal or mislead your listeners. Here are tips on how to use quotes in your speech?

The Quote Must Be Relevant

A quote is supposed to help the speaker in passing a message across. Quoting out of context will mislead your listeners. Identify quotes that are relevant to your story or context. 

Relevance should also be viewed in terms of the person behind the words. Different speakers and professionals in each field are regarded with varying weights. Some of these speakers or professionals are controversial such that their quotes will not be received in the manner you desire. The quote and person quoted must be relevant to the information you wish to pass. 

“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.” – John Ford

Do Not Overshadow Your Ideas

Quotes have the potential of overshadowing original ideas. Overusing quotes on a speech gives the impression of a speaker with no original ideas. A quote is only meant to enhance a particular point but not to form the bulk of that speech. 

It is only necessary to use a quote if ordinary words cannot emphasize the point as you would desire. The quote will also help you to widen the understanding of your listeners. Successful use of quotes will only be achieved when usage is strategic. 

Make The Quote A Natural Part Of Your Speech

The best quotes during a speech are those that flow naturally. It is not mandatory to use a quote in a speech. It is only necessary where it is assisting you to make a point. The quoted words must fit naturally within a sentence or paragraph; otherwise, they will cause confusion. 

Unnatural or poor usage of quotes causes the speech to appear disjointed. Listeners will also find it difficult to understand your points or connect the ideas. Listeners will even nod on your speech if it fits naturally into the speech.

“Always give a speech that you would like to hear.” – Andrii Sedniev

A Quote Is Best When It Opens The Speech

Every speaker struggles to introduce his idea and bring listeners into his stream of thoughts. This is the perfect moment for you to use a quote. Opening a speech with a quote helps you to create a context. Listeners will also understand your general perspective before you get into the specifics. 

Avoid Quoting Out Of Context 

The most dangerous usage of quotes is when it is out of context. It confuses listeners and reduces the impact of your speech. Choose quotes that are within a context so that listeners can identify with your ideas. 

Phrase the quote accurately or signal to your listeners that you will be paraphrasing. The speech has more impact if quotes are within context. The reputation of the speaker also makes a quotation powerful.


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