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The Secrets to Staying of Motivated & Focused When Learning to Code

Staying of Motivated Focused While Coding

As humans, we tend to lose interests in things easily. Computer programming or coding are no different.

Computer programming

It can often lead you into a sticky situation where the simplest solutions fail to come to your mind. Moreover, it’s a well-known fact that software engineering jobs really test one’s patience with the long 9-to-9 job pattern and the complexities of new and upgraded technologies. ways to be successful in life So, are there ways one can Staying of Motivated Focused While Coding?

Yes, there are and I’m listing down a few especially for those who are new to the world of programming:

The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. ― B.B. King

Beautiful Learning of Coding

#1. Be Sure This is It

There are few things more frustrating than doing something that has no point in the end.  Rick van Hattem

Coding creates magic but is certainly not magic. One should have a strong self-drive to learn and pursue it. Do not take up coding under parental or peer pressure. One either has a knack for it or they don’t. Every set task has a purpose to fulfill. Similarly, you can’t teach yourself coding if you don’t know what purpose it is solving.

When you’re in a code fix and unable to figure out a solution, don’t get frustrated. Just remember why you chose it in the first place.

Motivation is good, but not the answer to keep you going in the long run. Become passionate about what you do. ― Yad Faeq

Definitely, you can’t just have the ultimate drive to learn and utilize all of kinds codes from the very start. You need to just be positive and move ahead a little each day.

#2. Get to the Basics

A good mentor of mine told me if you want to create a flying car, then start with making some wheels into a skateboard, enjoy the skateboard and turn that into a bike and so on.  Yad Faeq

Learning to code can overwhelm you at times. So, never take it lightly. To code efficiently, your basics should be clear so that you can gain the expertise to solve complex problems in seconds.

One should concentrate on learning the basic syntax of a programming language and then proceed to write codes for practice. Do not overload yourself with expectations. Just take out time to master bits and pieces of valuable information and concepts.

Build a personal low-risk project that tackles a new idea or puts a new twist on an old idea.  Andy Maleh

Never doubt the capabilities of resources available. Be sharp and imbibe knowledge and experience from where you can. For example, if you can’t join a Java programming classroom course, then learn Java coding online. Read books and research on the web to improve your skills. Work on a new project with your friends or participate in hackathons.

#3. Mentors Rule

Get training or regular mentoring by an expert in the language of choice or technology you aspire to master.  Andy Maleh

Everyone should learn how to code. it teaches you how to think. ― Steve Jobs

Knowledge is to be shared and acted upon. Besides those who’ve had the will and confidence to self-learn, most programmers will share a lot of learnings from their mentor. A mentor could be anyone who can create and satiate the sense of curiosity in you. They connect theory to practice in order to drive a certain response.

A mentor can easily figure out your mistakes and help remove roadblocks that slow you down. They offer you real-world experience. From coding along with you to throwing new challenges to get you ready for a job, mentors help everywhere.

#4. Keep Your Work Intact

To learn, build and not be proud of what you’ve achieved is meaningless. Especially, when you work hard and do something exceptional, the world should know it. Thus, keep a collection of your work intact. Whenever you feel demotivated, you can always refer to this and see how far you’ve come. Your work portfolio is beyond the purpose of finding a job and more about your great accomplishments.

#5. Move On

I try to keep in mind that the shortest distance between me and my goal is just to do the damn thing.  Matthew Johnson

Yes, move on! Move on from cribbing about your code problem. Think about it only to solve it. Sometimes, you just have to calm yourself down and bring more clarity in thoughts. Unnecessarily overthinking and taking tension is useless. Utilize that time to free your mind and actually think about the coding issue in a new light.

On the other hand, you can just “Do nothing about it. That’s right, forget about whatever is bothering you.
― Marcos Rodriguez

Rest is very important. It helps you recover from stress, giving you a fresh opportunity to re-examine the coding problem.

#6. Keep Life in Balance

I have seen many coders sit for hours, days and nights trying to get work done. These people often forget that there is something beyond the virtual world. It leads to stressful situations where they start feeling anxiety while participating in an everyday conversation.

This leads to frustration and even more dangerous depression. So, be passionate about coding but also spend some time with your family and friends. Take out time for a stroll in a park or play a physical sport that refreshes both mind and body.

Staying of Motivated Focused While Coding

Programming is a very introverted activity, so getting enough human contact can also be a challenge, especially for those people, like me, who were drawn to programming because they are themselves introverts. Making sure that I get enough social contact has been a challenge, so I started taking acting and improv classes. ― Christoph Wagner 

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmer write code that humans can understand. ― John Johnson

Quote About Programming

Quote About Programming

First, Solve The Problem. Then Write The Code. ― John Johnson

Without requirements or design, programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text file. ― Louis Srygley

Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it. ― Patrick McKenzie

No one in the brief history of computing has ever written a piece of perfect software. It’s unlikely that you’ll be the first. ― Andy Hunt

Java is to JavaScript as ham is to a hamster.  ― Jeremy Keith, Resilient Web Design

Believe in Yourself Quotes Which Helps You To Motivate Yourself!

#7. Grow Stronger with Community Support

You need more than just a group of friends when you’re a coder. You need to be a part of some communities for developers. Currently, there are many communities even for beginners on the web. You can meet and encourage anyone who is curious about programming and also learn from the experience of others.

Final Words:

I’d love to hear how you started on your coding journey, tips on how you stay motivated or just come say Hi in the comments. Ways to Be Happy Hope these tips help you Staying of Motivated Focused While Coding and let you pursue coding with passion.

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Functionalities of A Free Online Article Rewriter Tool

Free Rewrite Your Article

Most of the people in this modern area still prefer to write an article and their content by hand. They are so used to writing their articles manually and paraphrasing each content when required. It is hard for them to trust any application or tool to give them support in writing essays or articles with quality and uniqueness. Also, manual writers think that it is the best way among the available options to ensure the quality of the content. No doubt this is one of the best and safest ways of writing articles but on the other hand, it is also very time consuming as this may take hours to write a single article with quality.

If you are searching for a solution to this problem, then you are on the right website as you are able to rewrite your articles without consuming lots of time. The article rewriter provided by DupliChecker is the best helper; many users use this tool to rewrite their articles as they need to publish it on their other websites. Also, it is the fact that this free tool is used by lazy persons or the persons who care to their time and wanted to save time. So, timesavers are always searching for rewriting tools, there are various other article writing tools available online that provide rewriting services to clients but article rewriter not only rewrites your content but also assist you that how to write with more perfection.

So, you don’t need to waste your time when you have already an option of paraphrasing your content with this tool.

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If you are confused about selecting the best tool for your rewriting then here we have some more elucidation about the tool that an article rewriter is a straightforward tool that can work online and offline according to your requirements. Maybe some functions may not work properly on some tools as they work for others but you will get the effective results. This is a simple and useful tool that rewrites your article after making identifications of the text.

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How MyOnlineCA Build India’s Fasted Growing Legal Brand with over 10000+ Clients


India’s is one of the growing countries in the world. if we talk about the internet penetration rate then after the coming of the Jio its has been increased by 500 Million Users till the June 2018 as per IAMAI Reports.

Today regarding online shopping India’s is one of the fast-growing Asian markets. From Electronics Item to Mobile Phone to Grocery, food everything is Online then why professional legal services are not online. On this idea 2 Boy From Jaipur Devyash Patel & Ankush Sachdeva from Delhi Founded MyOnlineCA in 2016.

So, How MyOnlineCA Started?

MyOnlineCA Started by Jaipur Boy Devyash Patel in 2015 with the idea of online legal services. He created a professional legal services marketplace initially and help more than 100+ Start-ups but due to lack of the quality service & expensive fees, Indian’s start-ups can’t afford the legal registration from traditional CA’s or Professionals.

MyOnlineCA Professionals Team

After that, he met accidentally with Delhi based guy Ankush Sachdeva during the tie-up process of MyOnlineCA. They both work together 6-8 month, after that, they relaunched MyOnlineCA with own Legal team so they can reduce the professional fee and provide the quality of the service to small business and start-ups.

So, How are MyOnlineCA Helping People?

MyOnlineCA, 99% Clients, are small start-ups and business which started their business initially to test their ideas. So they are always looking for the cheaper and quality legal services from free consultancy to affordable legal registration like Private Limited Company Registration, Udyog Aadhar or GST Registration or FSSAI Registration etc.

MyOnlineCA has simplified online portal where you have to choose the right service and place the request with the necessary details & make the payment online.

After that system automatically assigns a dedicated Chartered Accountant with Account Manager in their In-house Team which helps to client from registration to consultancy.

So each start-up gets the right free consultancy initially from MyOnlineCA then they choose the proper legal entity incorporation or tax registration etc.

Right Now MyOnlineCA deals in more than 10+ Services from Business or Company Registration to Tax Filing, Tax Registration or Trademark & patent, etc.

How MyOnlineCA Started

Why is MyOnlineCA Different from another legal service provider?

MyOnlineCA is not like traditional CA Firm or any other portal. It’s always tried to give the quality of the service and understand client’s needs & try to get done at the cheapest cost.

MyOnlienCA Build an automation platform for some service which reduces the professional fee and client directly can do that on DIY Method on the platform. It is also one of the Govt Start-up India Recognized Company.

Finally, How MyOnlineCA handle such a significant number of customers:-

MyOnlineCA has awesome Delhi of 25+ having an office in Jaipur and Delhi. In Jaipur, they have business development and marketing team & from Delhi, they handled the legal services of the clients.

MyOnlineCA builds a systematic approach for servicing to the clients. They assign an account manager with the dedicated legal executive on each task after the service. Initially, they prepare a system which provides free legal consultancy through email, WhatsApp Chat.

MyOnlineCA Contact Number: 09266667170

Even Recently MyOnlineCA Own YouTube Channel Cross 1.5 Lakh Subscriber with over 80 lakh+ Viewership. They also won several awards in B Plan Competition.

So this is the story of Devyash Patel and Ankush Sachdeva who’s built MyOnlineCA from just 200 to India’s leading Legal Brand.

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5 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Do Better in School

Motivate Your Child

Not all students were born good learners but when both the parent and teachers get involved; it can change the child’s willingness to learn. However, students who have the basic aptitude as well as receive the right motivation from the two parties often become good learners.

Due to the change of lifestyle that many parents go to work and come back home very late and tired. It gives their children little time to engage and share with them what they have learned and the problems they encounter which greatly affects the relationship between children and their parents.

Often, most children are left to do their homework or assignment alone without assistance from their parents or guardians; this limit learning to their classroom while, it should be extended outside the classroom wall. To enhance your child’s desire as well as the ability to learn, follow these 5 proven tips to motivate your child to study more or learn;

1. Develop a Reading Atmosphere:

When a child develops an interest in reading, they as well develop an interest to learn. However, children who tend to struggle with reading also happens to struggle with learning.

Reading helps children develop a much-richer vocabulary, helps their brain learn on how to process concepts as well as formal communication.

The skills they gain from reading not only increase their performance in language-art classes but also enhance their ability to learn other subjects as well. To create that conducive environment for your child to develop good reading skills, you can;

  • Read to the child more frequently
  • Let the child read aloud
  • Create a family reading time
  • Be an example and fill the classroom or home with various reading materials such as novels, newspapers and much more to create a good atmosphere of reading which will demonstrate to the child/students the importance of reading.
  • To make their reading more fun, let them pick their chosen book to read but help them read as well as create some activities for them which makes reading more fun.

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2. Encourage or Develop an Open and Sincere Communication

Often encourage the child to express his or her opinion; what’s going on with their education. When a child feels more comfortable to share and express what he feels that is, their likes dislikes as well as concern, they are more likely to feel reassured to an extent of opening up to share about his educational experience.

Create an open atmosphere to encourage this habit. When a child feels he is not given space or opportunity to be heard, they tend to disengage from the learning process. Encourage your child or student to open up such that they can feel comfortable to share their experiences without being put down, judged, ignored or even discourage. It also helps build child confidence and self-esteem.

3. Introduce & Encourage Various Types of Learning Styles

Basically, there are majorly seven fundamental learning-styles used in classes that include; Visual, Verbal, Logical, Auditory, Physical, and Social as well as solitary. Each child has their learning preferences and styles. Choose those best suitable to his ways of learning to encourage and make his learning more fun and easy.

4. Focus on the Child’s Interest

First, identify what your child likes then engage your child or student in those areas and subjects of his interest. This way, learning becomes more fun and they tend to engage in learning as well. If you want your child to do better in school, often encourage your child to explore those topics and subjects which fascinate him.

5. Recognize and Celebrate Your Child Achievements

Just like anyone else, if your efforts are recognized and appreciated; you’ll feel elevated and would want to do much more. Apply the same to your child. Children require constant positive-reinforcement in-order to keep them motivated thus, to learn as well as challenge themselves to achieve more or do better. Often use positive reinforcements to act as your tool when it comes to motive learning in regards to your child.

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