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7 Moral Values Every Teacher Must Teach Their Students

Teacher Teaching Students

Schools not only educate the young mind in various disciplines like mathematics and science but it should also be a place, where teachers inculcate moral values such as honesty, sincerity, kindness, and truthfulness. Fresh young minds are the best receivers. Hence a child, who is, for example, put in one of the Best preschools in Mumbai will not become sound in various subjects but will also develop moral values to become a complete human being. To develop this a teacher must be a role model.

7 Moral values to teach your child.

1. Honesty

As the five fingers of the same hand are all different, in the same way, each child’s power of acquiring and retaining knowledge is also different. However, if one is always appreciated for the little good work done then the feeling of goodness and honesty will develop in him/her from a very tender age

2. Respect

If a child is shown respect then s/he will also reciprocate. From the early ages, like in, playgroup in Mumbai, if the teacher teaches the correct application of “thank you”, “good morning”, “please”, “sorry”, “you are welcome” etc. the child will automatically adopt these and get groomed into a being full of respect.

3. Perseverance

‘Try, try, never say I …..’ is an old proverb we all know. At the very first stage of learning and especially writing, like, drawing the standing line and the sleeping line, the child may not be perfect from the beginning. Teachers must not scold him/her but praise him/her for the work and help him/her to reach perfection by holding the hand and drawing the lines in a perfect manner. 

4. Love

It is something, if you give it away, you end up having more. Yes, the teacher who is loving will find their students being loving, too. A child may be mischievous or naughty. If the teacher handles this with a loving gesture the blooming bud will not only understand his mistake but also try to avoid creating such situations in the class thereafter. Henceforth, he will develop into a child full of love and kindness.

5. Cooperation

Teachers must be encouraged to carry out activities where many children are doing one work together. This will not only develop a sense of cooperation in the child but will also make him understand to share things and develop a sense of togetherness. This value can be developed only when a conscious parent will put the toddler in the best preschool.

6. Responsible

A teacher is requesting one of the students to distribute pencils to the whole class and after the distribution asks if any child did not receive it. The distributor answers in the negative. This very simple act will help the child to shoulder responsibility and make him understand what it is.

7. Forgiveness

Instead of shouting and scolding a toddler for the mischief, if s/he is handled in a softer way and the mistake is explained, it will never happen again. As he is forgiven, he will learn the art of forgiveness too.

Teaching moral values should be a part of the curriculum. Moral values will help a child to differentiate between right and wrong. It prepares our children for future roles in society and lessens the violence and dishonesty in society. If you want to know more about 5 myths and rumors about preschool then visit here


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Teacher Teaching Students
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