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10 Interesting Things Covered In The MBA 

MBA in Marketing
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Master of Business Administration or MBA in marketing is one of the most desired MBA courses by a majority of students and employers.

Since the change from traditional marketing to digital or online marketing, job scenario in the marketing sector has completely changed, and now almost every big company has its marketing team, which is dedicated for getting more and more clients to the company.

Nowadays, MBA in marketing is in high demand and many jobs are available in the market. It is a two-year course and is offered by hundreds of colleges in India. But before deciding whether you want to pursue this course or not, you need to go through the syllabus and understand what will be taught during the course. The overall syllabus of MBA in Marketing is vast and teaches you all the skills you need for becoming a successful professional manager. Let us look at some of the most interesting things that are included in the syllabus of this course. 

Ten interesting things that the MBA curriculum covers:-

MBA Curriculum

1. Leadership Skills 

An MBA in Marketing will help you in developing leadership qualities by interpersonal developments such as social awareness and social skills, and by interpersonal developments such as self-awareness and self-management. It is designed to help you prepare for leadership roles in the university and your career ahead. The subjects related to leadership are taught in a theoretical and conceptual way, along with some individual and group activities. 

2. Managing People

Another interesting thing you learn while studying MBA in Marketing is managing people. You learn about the behaviour of individuals, groups, and organizations by different methods like case studies, team assignments, etc. Managing people is taught because it will help you in managing yourself, and others. 

3. Financial Accounting

An MBA in Marketing helps you in creating a foundation knowledge of finance. Understanding financial accounting is very important if you want to succeed as a manager of a company. The subjects related to finance helps you gain knowledge that is useful for interpreting and using accounting information in the right way, making correct managerial decisions, and understanding financial statements, which is very important to make internal or external judgments and decisions. 

4. Financial Management

Financial management is also a very interesting thing because it focuses on teaching you how to value financial assets and select investable projects. It is based on the theory that companies should be managed properly to increase their profits and fulfill their legal and contractual obligations. 

5. Responsibilities and Marketing Ethics

Understanding your responsibilities and marketing ethics while working in the business world is very important. MBA in Marketing syllabus covers this part and helps you learn the responsibilities of running a business, and also inculcate skills for solving ethical problems generated by it. This subject makes you learn the social aspect of business and the obligations corporations have to them. 

6. Business Strategy

Developing and formulating a companies business strategy is one of the most important jobs that a Manager or Chief Executive does. This involves making critical decisions about the products, markets, and segments the company is competing in, and consciously growing and sustaining the company so it has an edge over its competitors. It also involves coordinating between different departments such as marketing, operations, accounting, human resources, and finance, and running them together in a systematic manner. The subjects that teach about business strategy in MBA in Marketing introduces you to different tools and techniques used to develop and analyze different business strategies. Also, it helps in developing your decision-making skills from a professional manager’s point of view.

7. Business Economics

An MBA in Marketing syllabus generally covers topics such as Business economics. This subject is very interesting and will help you in understanding the environment in which the companies operate. It will also explain to you different factors that can have an impact on the output such as inflation, unemployment, interest rates, growth, exchange rates, etc. Business economics gives a framework to describe the dynamic connections between the markets like goods and services, labor and money, financial assets, and the government’s policies. It is taught by using different case studies and researching current policies. 

8. Consumer Behavior

Marketing for a company is an attempt to change consumer behavior. Currently, every business emphasizes how important adopting a consumer focus is. An MBA in Marketing allows you to learn about consumer psychology. The subject will teach you the consumer behavior in detail, and how it can be used to develop powerful tactics and marketing strategies. You will also gain knowledge about the different theories and concepts of consumer psychology, and study research findings to improve your understanding of the way people choose goods, and use and evaluate them. 

9. Entrepreneurship

An MBA in Marketing teaches entrepreneurship, which is a very interesting subject for almost everyone. This subject gives an insight into how to start a company or execute entrepreneurial projects in your company. It gives you hands-on learning about the startup scene in the real world. It also gives you practical experience of working as a team, which is very important for turning your ideas into reality. Generally, before starting your company, you have to come up with a business model, and for that, you need to conduct customer surveys to know your products worth, and if people will be interested in it or not. Based on the feedback received from the people, you will make your business model and start scaling it. The main reason for teaching entrepreneurship is that it will develop some skills in you that will be very useful in your career, no matter if you are working in a company or starting your own company. 

10. Brand Management

MBA in Marketing teaches you about the different areas of brand management such as brand research, brand strategy, brand building, brand extension, etc. It also helps you in preparing for the challenges of building and protecting a brand. Brand management is usually based on different cases and uses examples from important aspects of branding such as B2B, luxury items, retail, services, consumer products, etc. 

For MBA in Marketing, one of the best universities to join is BML Munjal University in Gurgaon. The sprawling campus is known for world-class facilities, top-notch faculty, and state-of-the-art teaching standards. The affiliation with the Imperial College in London is also a factor that attracts students from across the country.


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MBA in Marketing
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