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The Tarot is a Formula that is Synthesized in a Very Simple and Simple Concept

Tarot Formula
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The Tarot is able to help people in a very specific way. Throughout time, the leaders and the most important sages of history and of human civilizations have sought oracles to obtain advice, especially in critical times, of war, of hunger, of misery, of uncertainty for their peoples…!

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Men have needed accurate answers to repair their tribulations or to know the designs that destiny had reserved for them. And they keep doing it.

The Tarot as an Oracle, the Tarot is a mirror: the reflection of who you are

In a way, the Tarot can serve as an oracle, although that is not what it really is, in its essence. That is just a simplified explanation of how it behaves or works. I can think of an adequate simile to explain what the Tarot is. In truth, card’s meanings are a mirror. They reflect who you are.

It shows you your strengths and your weaknesses. It makes you confront the decisions you have made in the past, your attitude, both good and bad, positive and negative; and how these components have affected your life as you know it; and, what’s more, how could they affect your future?

In some way, only the appropriate archetypes are selected and interpreted to help you understand what you must do to move forward, to evolve in the best possible sense; for that reason, each sheet is interpreted in a way and has a concrete meaning. It is strange how the reading of the arcana manages to do that and I do not have a concrete explanation of why it works exactly, but, believe me, after decades and decades of study and dedication, I know: it does.

It tells you exactly what you need to hear to follow (although it rarely tells you what you want to hear, such is life).

* The Tarot as a diagnostic tool

A Tarot is essentially a diagnostic tool that helps you in making decisions.

* The Tarot is a psychological tool.

It helps us access the parts of our subconscious. Through universal symbols and archetypes, we borrow images from tarot cards to help unlock the parts of our minds that already contain the answers. Assimilating all this is not easy; it’s just a matter of attention, time and intelligence; and yes, perhaps also, of clairvoyance. Although this part is a gift, with work and knowledge you can achieve the necessary skill to understand the Tarot as a diagnostic tool.

As on other occasions, you can try the tarot for yourself. Experience the synchronicities and confirm for yourself everything I have said. Or, call me and I will help you clarify your doubts. The most influential factor for me to be able to contribute with my writings on the magic of the tarot is to know the progress of its erudition.

I do not discover anything when I say that the reading of the arcana -major or minor- is already part of History, as well as of cultural knowledge. The tarot reader does not have to be a mystic being, a fortune-teller, or a clairvoyant with supernatural powers. The reader can be you or it could be me, but it is undoubtedly someone who has taken the time -as a personal and vital need- to study or practice the Tarot, and with that knowledge and experience, help others find their meaning and own interpretations.

In its most effective state, and I consider myself that way, the reader is a driver, and must also be a learned person, someone who has taken the time to learn from an analytical process that understands the meaning of something more than just archetypal images represented in the letters. These articles that I write are important to me. On the one hand, I am relieved to be able to contribute to the hypothesis, to clarify my thoughts and offer my particular point of view.

What can the Tarot say?

The people who go to the tarot reader sometimes go with the wrong idea that the Tarot is going to tell them concrete and precise facts, such as exact dates, numerical quantities, precise results, exact descriptions of what they are going to consult, they think that the Tarot is something like a magic crystal ball that appears in movies or animated series where everything can be seen as if it were a television screen or where everything can be predicted, almost something prophetic of a future that will happen as it is they are going to tell us, and this is not so. What can the Tarot tell us? What can the Tarot spiritual quotes help us?

Understanding the Tarot Quotes

There are various Tarot quotes that if understood deeply, they all provide guidance for every human being to achieve a better life and minimize the bad things that can happen in the future. The following are examples of inspirational Tarot quotes:

Fear is dangerous and Tarot is harmless because it only represents all the spectrum of human conditions; light, darkness, evil, goodness, achievement, failure, luck and disaster 

“Tarot must not be understood as something that predicts only bad things in life. This is helpful for everyone to be more vigilant. “

“Tarot is a unique spiritual method to help us reflect on what we have done and why we are at the point we are now”

“Tarot is not the source of conflict but rather a solution to the conflict itself”

“Tarot reading is an art based on interpretation, perception and intuition”

“Tarot is a gateway to another world that we have not been aware of. By understanding Tarot, we can understand the other side of life that has been hidden from our view. “

“In Tarot, life does not necessarily mean something that moves forward but can also be sideways”

“Tarot makes it easy for us to imagine and look for creative ideas to improve our lives”

“Everyone who considers Tarot is the source of bad luck is actually not enlightened”

“Tarot is not a certainty but something close to certainty”

“Our lives are not determined by Tarot but are guided by him”

“Tarot once again is a tool for many situations”

“Reading Tarot is actually looking directly into ourselves and also the life we have been through”

“Tarot is not a form of magic as long as it is misunderstood by many people but a spiritual method for understanding one’s personality in relation to the universe”

In the end, Tarot is all about ourselves:-

It is true that a reading of the Tarot will help a lot who is consulting, in fact it can provide valuable information about your past, present and especially about your future, but what is not right is to expect us to provide all the information with great detail and just how it is going to happen, and this is because, nothing is already written, and the future may not be one, but it can adapt, or we can adapt it to how we want it to happen, and that goes to depend on our actions, the decisions, and choices that we make. The tarot cards can indicate where to go, or which way we can go or we must choose so that things happen as you expect.

Affirming our destiny by playing Tarot

But what happens if you do the opposite or take the wrong way? If you do this, your destiny, which could have had a happy ending, could turn into a misfortune and leave everything the other way around than we expected, is for this same reason that to make a correct reading of the tarot, one often has to analyze the past of the person to be able to analyze the facts as they have been happening in his life, and the actions and decisions that were taken at the time, so that glimpse the possible problems that may be encountered along the way and which decisions will be the most appropriate.

The answers that the Tarot gives us will help us to orient ourselves, but what happens if the answer to our query is not a response that satisfies us? This can happen because of the way we have made the query.

For a response to the tarot to be as beneficial as possible, this question must be correctly done, and for this we must be very clear about the situation on which we are going to consult and who may be directly or indirectly involved in what we are consulting, we must not be very subjective based on the answers we get, or issue a categorical judgment or censor any person who may be involved in the answers that the Tarot is giving you.

Remember that the Tarot can give you answers that you might not wish to have heard, or in some cases, you had certain suspicions that something was wrong and this kind of things or doubts could solve them, or know more about the truth through the Tarot.

What the Tarot Reveals

What we do recommend is that whatever the answers you get from the Tarot, never lose your objectivity, and neither sanity, so what you are told are the most unthinkable or harsh things of people you really wanted, this is not must be reason to lose your good judgment and ways of acting in difficult situations. The Tarot should never be a reason for you to make hasty verdicts, much less try to take justice in situations where third parties are involved. Interested in reading on the cards? Just choose Tarot unique decks and start reading!

Tarot Formula
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