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4 Things to Do After Your Graduation

After Graduation

With thousands of students graduating from different colleges across India every single year, it is very important to pursue a career path instead of humping right into the nine-to-five job. Initially, it might seem like a full-time career path might provide stability into your life, but chasing after your dreams might help you in the long run. 

Speaking of dreams, if you are looking for a career in digital marketing, now is the best time than ever. Now, digital marketing is not just a job, but a whole new industry by itself. While many people above their 40’s might tell you that the days of enjoyment is over, but it is certainly not if you look at life in a completely different way. 

Digital Marketing: Overview and Opportunities

It is very important to understand that digital marketing as of 2019 and beyond is one of the booming industries in the world. Instead of applying traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing brings forth new tactics to help marketers and business models to promote their products and services out there in the market. While being a broader concept by itself, it packs a huge potential to target millions of audiences at the same time.

Talking about the opportunities, digital marketing has started to play a big role in the Indian economy. India has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and it is even going to surpass United States GDP by 2040. It also has the capability to create one million job vacancies for digital marketers annually. So, the more early you can be a part of it, the better is your opportunity to succeed. 

Here is our list of the four things that you can do right after you graduate in order to pursue a career in digital marketing:

1) Learn Digital Marketing Even from Scratch

One of the best things about digital marketing is that you don’t need to have a college degree in order to pursue this career. It doesn’t matter whether you have graduated with an engineering degree or B.Sc in Physics; digital marketing is for everyone. Even if you think you know nothing about digital marketing, you can always take both online and offline courses from several reputed organizations like Innomatics Research Labs

The courses offered are not only just easy to understand but also cost-effective. You don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to opt for these courses. Along with this, the instructors and faculty members are very cooperative, and you can always clear your doubts from them. 

2) Learn from the Experts

Your learning curve doesn’t just end with enrolling into a course and have peace with it. In order to pursue a career in digital marketing, you need to be continuously updated with the technology and the tactics that are being used every now and then. Get a quote from some of the digital marketing experts and learn how they started out their careers and create a role model for yourself. 

3) Experiment with Digital Marketing

Once you have completed your digital marketing course in Hyderabad, it is time to experiment with digital marketing. Even if you have gained some preliminary pieces of knowledge about digital marketing, you can always start out as a freelancer. According to some studies, there is going to have 60-65 lakhs of digital marketing jobs by 2025. That surely means there is a huge demand in marketing, and getting your client won’t be a problem. 

Now, if you are quite uncertain about freelancing, you can always get your internship done by some reputed companies. Internships also help a person to get a clear insight into the real world and how exactly a job is done. You can always treat internships as the learning curve before starting out with a real job. Institutes like Innomatics Research labs always provides study materials so that you can easily get an internship once you have graduated from their institution. For a person who is starting out a new career, this surely works like a charm. 

4) Go Get Your Dream Job

As we have explained previously, digital marketing is not a job role but an industry on its own. Digital marketing is divided into eight individual domains, with 28 different job roles. Once you have completed your internship, you can always look forward to getting a job that you really want. 

Here is a list of all the domains that come under digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Analytics Optimization
  • CRM Specialists
  • Business Development
  • Cross-Domain Digital Marketing

Once you get a clear understanding of all the domains that are involved in digital marketing, it is time for you to decide which niche you are more interested into. One of the best things about digital marketing is that you don’t need to break your bank in order to learn digital marketing as compared to degrees like B.Tech, BBA, MBA, MBBS, and the list just goes on. Along with that, you also get a higher pay-scale as compared to other lines of work. It is very simple on its own, when there is a huge demand in the market, the salary is going to increase, and as of 2019-2020, the job marketing is not at all saturated for digital marketing. 

Final Thoughts:-

Always remember, once you have made up your mind, there is no turning back. You can always leave everything behind and start out with a job that you might regret later in your life, or you can stick to your plan and work towards climbing the ladder. For a career like digital marketing, there is no ultimate goal; every goal is just another milestone for you to achieve. If you are courageous and passionate enough, you can even start out your own digital marketing company, which would certainly be the start of a new path in your life. 

Whatever you choose, be consistent with your choice and don’t ever think to back down from that. Even if you do, that is going to create a devastating impact on your life. 

After Graduation
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1 Comment

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