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Things You Can Do With Your Watch That You Couldn’t Before

Things You Can Do With Your Watch

How will you feel if you find out your watch can do more than telling the time? Most people think the main function of a wristwatch is to tell the time. Of course, it is the primary reason wristwatches are made, but there are other operations of wristwatches you will be so glad to know.

Here is a post to share with you some of the things you can do with your wristwatch which you don’t seem to know about.

Announcing the Time

Not all wristwatches have this amazing feature. It sounds amazing to hear that your wristwatch can announce the time without you checking. It is a wonderful feature for those who love time management.

For instance, I got a wristwatch, and I did set it in such a way that once it gets to every hour, it gives a pop sound to tell me the exact time. If it is one o’clock, it will give just one pop sound, and when it is five o’clock, it will give five pop sounds. This particular feature with a wristwatch isn’t acceptable in the official gathering. So it should only be used at home or for casual outings because of the sound.

Track Fitness Routine

It is another type of wristwatch on the market. This kind of wristwatch is specially designed with features that will help you track your fitness level. The watch will show you the pulse rate and other things that will help keep a good record of your fitness routine.

The importance of this kind of a wristwatch is that it helps you to maintain the proper fitness routine without exceeding your limit. Most people exceed their limit because they don’t know or have the equipment to track their record.

With the fitness tracker as it’s been called, you will be able to check the tracker and carefully monitor the progress while the fitness routine is in progress.


Diving is a profession but not for all. Some choose to have fun and excitement with it, but it requires cautious because there are limits to where you should get to. A diver gets to know the limit to where they can get to, and one of the ways is through the use of a wristwatch.

Not all wristwatches have this feature. You have to ensure the watch is resistant to water and has the properties to monitor the deep sea level. You can also swim with a wristwatch in your hand, but you have to ensure you know the meters the wristwatch can go best watch select


This is a feature that most breath-holding people will love. You can’t get this feature on a simple wristwatch, as you can only find it on sophisticated watches. For Example:- you have a challenge with another individual on breath holding.

Both of you get immersed in the pool. You get to know the exact time you can hold your breath using the stopwatch to monitor your time spent under the water. Another example is with the athletes. Men have just 9 seconds to win a 100m race, and one of the best ways to get to train and keep to such timing is through the use of a stopwatch.

You can monitor the training by tracking each progress with the stopwatch as seen in the film called white waters.

Receive Call

How will you feel to find out you can receive and make calls using your wristwatch? At first, I was surprised when I came across with a wristwatch with such feature. I found the watch with a friend and was so surprised to see him receiving and making calls via his watch.

The watch has the screen to show the time and other things. It has buttons on it to show the numbers, and the answer button to complete the feature. Not all wristwatches can do this, so you have to carefully look out for the type of wristwatch that does this if you are in need of one.

The wristwatch will show you the time, calendar and the amazing part of it is that you can choose to save numbers on the phonebook to select whoever you wish to call. Can it send SMS? You are just about to find out once you get the wristwatch.

TV Control

This will I never forget because we almost opted for the option to return our new tv set thinking it had developed a fault. Later did we get to find out it was my friend who was behind the whole malfunctioning?

While watching the TV set, it will just go off, and we keep wondering what went wrong. He was playing a prank on us with the watch he has on his hand. The watch is a versatile watch with lots of advanced features. One of it is to switch off the TV set with all that is required is to know the name of the TV and take control of it using the watch.


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Things You Can Do With Your Watch
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