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7 Tips To Making Your BMW Look Amazing

BMW Look Amazing

When you own a BMW, you want the car to look great at all times. Unfortunately, most owners have no idea how to do that. Fortunately, most of the things that you have to do relate to the exterior of the car. For the interior, you just need to properly take care of the surfaces. With this in mind, let’s think about 7 actionable tips that will help you to keep your lovely BMW look as amazing as it is. 

1. Be Careful Where You Park Your Car

Bird droppings are extremely corrosive. This is why you have to be really careful about where you park your car. Simply look up to see if there are pigeons around and if so, move the vehicle. You want to do this because the corrosive substances will do a wild number of car paint. Also, the longer the substances stay on the car, the greater the damage. 

Besides bird droppings, you also want to avoid honeydew. This is a phenomenon where a sticky film covers the vehicles that are parked during spring under lime trees. Honeydew is practically aphids’ excrement. They are sucking sap from the lime leaves and then secrete sugar.  The film will burn the paint when there is direct sunlight present. Even with the BMW extended warranty best price strategies, you will still end up having to deal with costly repairs. 

Always wash honeydew and bird droppings from the car as soon as you are aware of them. As an extra tip, use insect removers to stop insects from remaining stuck to automotive paint. 

2. Wash The Car As Often As Needed

If you love your car, you need to wash it weekly. If you do not offer the care the exterior of the car needs, you make the most common mistake of all car owners. You have to properly look after the paint and it will be really resistant to all the external influences. You can avoid various expensive repairs as you need to touch up painting or car spray paint jobs. 

While the general advice is that you have to wash the car weekly, it is true that you can do it less often if you do not use the BMW often and you keep it inside a garage. 

3. Choose The Correct Car Wash

Car washes use cloths or brushes. This does not matter much but was the clothes or the brushes filled with sand when you took your car there? If this is the case, they will act just like sandpaper and will damage the paint surface. 

Always go to a car wash that is clean and properly maintained. Just like you would not use a bathroom that is dirty, you should not visit a car wash without analyzing the brushes. If you see nylon threads that are torn or brittle, dirt can easily gather in them. 

As an extra thing to remember, you should also follow the car wash procedure with waxing. This is because it seals the paint’s topcoat, offering much higher protection against external influences. 

4. Use The Right Cleaning Agents when Washing By Hand

When you wash the car by hand, make sure that you only use cleaning agents that are mild and that have a lower pH value. Also, you have to use clean, soft brushes, cloths, and sponges. 

If you use pressure washers, keep a good distance between you and the car. You do not want to damage the paint because the water pressure is very high. 

5. Don’t Forget About Polishing

When you see some slight scratches or the paint is not that shiny, polishing is recommended. This is because car polish includes really useful micro-fine abrasives. These will clean the surface of the paint without causing damage. Also, car polish offers protection against the effect of the elements. 

6. Touch Up Car Paint Scratches

When polishing did not remove some scratches, the best thing that you can do is to visit a trained specialist. This is because the spray or pen can repair minor car scratches. This is something that you want because if the scratch remains visible for a long time, it can only lead to more problems and a more expensive repair. 

7. Be Extremely Careful With Matt Paint

When your BMW features matt paint, you have to properly take care of it. As an example, you should never polish it. The abrasives inside car polish will remove the rough surface of the matt paint. Also, you should be aware of the fact that brushes from car washes will eventually smooth out the matt paint. In addition, wax sealants can easily damage matt paint. Due to all of these reasons, if you own a BMW with matt paint, the best thing you can do is to wash it by hand or to use a pressure washer, all while you utilize specialized care and cleaning products.


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