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Tips for Using WhatsApp for Storytelling   



WhatsApp messaging app has over 1.5 billion users globally and attracts more than 60 million messages daily. It acts as a medium for enhancing group chats and connecting family and friends. 

The app is now being used by many marketers to connect with customers through exchanging brand-related messages and online advertising. Brand storytelling is a great way to strengthen and increase brand audience by building a connection to your wider audience.

Here are tips for using Whatsapp for storytelling. 

Add Personality To The Stories

WhatsApp app can be used for storytelling and creating a personal touch with an audience. Consumers are looking to engage with authentic businesses and brands because they can be assured of long-lasting relationships with such. Ensure that the content on your WhatsApp status is authentic and shows the brand personality. 

Through the WhatsApp status, you can add drawings, text, emojis, and doodles to your stories and bring life to them. Whereas many social platforms require well-planned and thought-out content, the WhatsApp status enables you to be more creative. It is also more flexible, allowing you to post any relevant content whenever you want. 

Communicating with your customers one-on-one can boost your business because a direct link with customers makes it easier for them to get in touch with you. It is easier to address their specific needs concerning a product or respond to their queries or complaints. 

Create Whatsapp Stories Background

Since Whatsapp can see millions of stories daily, you can use it to share relevant brand stories with your customers. It is becoming a cost-effective way to engage with customers and leads.

Share business-related messages to WhatsApp status from WhatsApp business or personal account. Like with other stories, you can share a video or an image with your customers to last up to one day.


Using WhatsApp status is an effective way to engage with your customers at a personal level. Some of the content you can use on your WhatsApp status includes motivational quotes, compelling visuals, and informational content like an infographic. You can also create “behind the scenes” information when celebrating product launches or images to promote your business. 

Evaluate Content & Choose The Right Format

WhatsApp business can enable you to gather insights into audience statistics upon which to access information regarding your messages. It is easier to know whether the messages have been received and read. If you want to track user engagement, evaluating content is a good way to measure content effectiveness and adjust the strategy. 

Two common types of content format include newsletter style and social post style. The newsletter format provides more content with various topics, each with its own link. The social post style, on the other hand, is developed like a social media post but with less content centered on a central topic. 

Leverage Audience Growth

As a business owner, always try to discover ways to grow an online audience and remain connected with them. You can use WhatsApp business to scale your business if your customers prefer using WhatsApp and interaction is straightforward. 

WhatsApp business also works well for a small business and if you need one person to respond to customer questions and inquiries. To grow your online audience using WhatsApp, provide content that is WhatsApp exclusive and request customers to opt-in to receive order notifications. 

Attaching QR codes to the notifications’ opt-in and printing them to your WhatsApp channel is also a simple way to grow the audience. You should show your WhatsApp logo on the website to guide customers in case they need help. Most importantly, help customers with prompt and personalized answers to questions to make them feel recognized and cared for. 

Use WhatsApp Status to Generate Sales

Using WhatsApp status well can help you to build customer awareness, drive desirability and boost sales. Do this by clicking on one customer and sharing content with their friends, especially for viral content. 

WhatsApp has an update feature to facilitate sharing of special promotional codes with customers or give them a chance to redeem them. You can also use the location and instant photo feature to send promo codes to allow everyone to know about your current special promotions. 


The codes could be a one-day business event or a short-term flash sale aimed at driving sales and creating business. As opposed to the WhatsApp broadcast that can annoy people with long content, WhatsApp status is essential for pulling a story to them. Leverage the catalog feature to showcase your product feature and add information such as product name, images, and the price.


WhatsApp has become an incredible tool for running a business because it is user-friendly, flexible, and cost-effective. Implement the above tips in your business to connect with your audience, increase leads and take your business to the next level. WhatsApp Business solution works well due to the advanced features and the fact that many customers use this platform more often. 

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