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The Do’s and Don’ts of an Impactful Resume

Make A Good Resume

The resources and tips to make an impactful resume often understate the complexity of skillfully summarizing all your achievements, credentials, and career on a page. So let’s put the most important factor first: putting together a good resume is more than just slapping together your history of schools, your positions, and your professional experience. It is a highly crucial document that will help you with the job hunt and secure a bright future. It’s a personalized marketing document that will give your first introduction to the HR manager of a company.

When looking for a new employee, employers see hundreds of resumes every day. To be able to entice them in first glance, it is important to know what the job is all about what are they looking for. Presenting your experience and skills in a way that perfectly portrays your career with their job description is a surefire way to secure an interview.

Also, a one-fit-for-all approach may not work every time, even if you have the best resume. Of course, every resume will include your educational background, career history, and some personal information. But sometimes, it is important to make a few important modifications before sending them to different hiring managers of different organizations, especially with regard to your skills and experience. This step should be quick once you have a solid resume in hand.

So are you ready to impress the hiring manager? Whether you are updating your resume to create a masterpiece or creating one from scratch, the do’s and don’ts shared in this article are surely going to help you with your approach.


Let’s start with the do’s first.

Highlight Your Achievements

Don’t underestimate the importance of the achievements you have attained while listing your past positions. Go ahead and mention projects you worked on and how it contributed to the bottom line of the organization. It helps them reach their target market, or broaden their audience base, or boost sales? If you were recognized in any way due to your achievements, mention them.

Customization is the Key

As mentioned earlier, sending the same resume for every position you apply may not work for you. It’s important to analyze the job opening thoroughly and tailor the resume to the expertise and qualifications that are more relevant to the job requirement.

Highlight Tech Skills

Accurately mention the technologies and software that you are trained for or familiar with. Add details about the proficiency level of each and your related experience. For instance, if you have worked as a data security officer and have great know-how about Windows Server 2016 installation, you may be more relevant for an organization that has implemented the system.

Tech skills are worth showing off, even if you have obtained online IT training.


You cannot risk making mistakes and typos in your resume. It shows your potential employer the lack of focus on detail. As your trusted colleagues or friends to proofread your resume for you. Take feedback and make appropriate changes.

Taking a third-person reference helps with catching errors.

Don’t Miss Out on Soft Skills

Cover your soft skills in bullet points and be specific about it. Read the job opening carefully and add soft skills that seem more relevant to the skis the hiring manager is looking for. Use as many facts and figures as you like to portray what an ‘effective communicator’ or ‘skilled leaner’ you are.

Keep Your Resume Updated

You never know when you will need your resume to grab a better job opportunity. So even if you are not looking for a job right now, it is important to keep your resume updated.

Keep adding your experience as you gain it and don’t miss out on any skill, training, or certification you gain during the course.


Here comes the list of don’ts.

Mention Reasons for Switching

While you mention all of your past experiences in detail, do not give reasons why you switched. Leave this part for the interview. Some employers are interested in this detail, but it’s not appropriate to add it to your resume. However, be prepared to answer why you left if asked directly during an interview.

Add Fake Job Experience or Education

Misrepresenting such information can put you in trouble. Even if you get the job, there’s always a risk of getting terminated on the ground of fabricating your details. Be honest in all the application materials at all times.

Provide Too Much Personal Information

While adding some detail is important – such as your name, email address, and other contact details, do not push it too much. Personal information such as your religious affiliations, marital status, Social Security number, height, and photo are not needed.

The idea is to enable your potential employer to reach out to you when you need, not expose yourself to unconscious and conscious bias to hiring managers.

Be Too Relevant With Dates

Try to steer clear, adding too many dates. If this is the 10th job that you are switching to, being accurate about a job you started 15 years ago can be challenging. So forget about the dates and stick to month and year only. This information is more than sufficient.

Share Too Much Information About Current Employer

Mention the company only to show your relevant experience. Do not use your current company’s email address or contact details. It is best that your potential employers contact you on your personal phone number or email only.

List Past Earnings

A resume is not a place where you talk numbers. Leave that part to the interview phase too. However, some employers are interested to know the salary range that you are willing to work for. Mention it in the cover letter if you really have to. Otherwise, it is best to wait to discuss money face-to-face.

Final Word

Whether you have been in the market for years or just starting fresh, the right resume can work wonders in helping you find your dream job. These tips shared here will help you develop a winning and sound strategy to improve and create your resume.


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