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7 Tips And Tricks You Can Follow To Get More Comments on Instagram

Comments on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular engaging web platforms with more than 1 billion dynamic users. With an increase in the scope of social media marketing among all kinds of businesses, Instagram has gained a special space. It is a great platform for creating brand awareness among the audience and incorporates some amazing features for promotion.

As we all know that Instagram continuously transforms its algorithms, hence marketers need to keep up and locate a viable strategy. The strategy should be planned in a way that it can pull off more followers and thus can create engagement. One of the most important yet ignored strategies is to make individuals post more and more comments under your post. The more your engagement, the more Instagram likes you. Some of the tips that can help you get more Instagram comments are discussed below:

Use ‘appropriate’ hashtags

One must be aware of the fact that Instagram marketing is all about hashtags. When you post your content with pertinent and popular hashtags, your posts show up for those hashtags and search options. Using relevant hashtags has the potential to boost your engagement to the next level. Influencers and potential clients may comment on your post which will interest them. You can also buy Instagram comments to make your post reach maximum people and can get a great conversion rate.

Share your posts on Instagram stories

As Instagram algorithms are changing, sharing posts on stories is a pattern that gets famous lately for a valid justification. You should share your Instagram posts on your stories as well. In this way, the maximum people can see your new content. You just need to go to any of your feed posts<click on the arrow appearing in the bottom left corner<click on ‘add post your story’. The more your content appears in front of the audience, the more comments you can get on it.

Host giveaways or challenge

Giveaways and hosting contests are one of the simplest yet funniest approaches to get people to comment on your Instagram posts. You can advance challenges for your audience and can request your clients to comment on your post. Contests can be held as a weeklong mission where clients can comment every day. You can even join user-created content where they can share their photographs and can tag your image in the post. In this way, you can give your content a personalized touch.

Reply to Comments posted

There is a basic and direct approach for marketers to add to their marketing strategy. You should comment back on your posts to gain more engagement. If you reply to the organic and real comments on your Instagram posts, it would make your quantity of remarks twofold. More comments imply more Instagram commitment and greater permeability. You can also ask queries and can answer them via comments making the string more genuine.

Post videos

Creating engaging videos is the most personalized approach to engage more audience on the Instagram page. Posting informative content can spare your audience time. They can watch your videos and can decide that it interests them or not. You can make them share their feedbacks or reviews on the comment section and can increase remarks on your posts. Asking simple questions like “Agree or Disagree?” or “Share your views” to them can make a great difference. This prompts quick responses and you can gain maximum comments through the strategy.

Posting at the ‘right time’ is a must!

The most crucial factor that every marketer must consider is the right time of posting the content on Instagram. Every time this point comes, a question comes in our mind is that what is the right time to post? The appropriate answer to this question is it depends upon the nature of your business, your followers, and the type of content you are posting.

The best way to decide is by trying out your engagement rates on Instagram. Observe and analyze your post carefully. Keep a check on the timings at which you are getting maximum engagement and distribute the plan accordingly as per the outcomes. It doesn’t matter if it is a weekend or any normal weekday.

Use more emoticons with catchy captions

Along with the hashtags, using captivating emoticons can also pull people to your captions. If more people will see your post, more engagement you will get. Similarly, more people will like and comment on your post.

However, make sure that you don’t overuse the emojis in the caption and only use the relevant ones. Three to four emojis in a caption are enough if using interestingly.

Final Words:

These were some of the best tips that you can follow to increase your comments on Instagram. Using the platform wisely can make your business reach a peek at a very little time.


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