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Top 7 Activities You Should Try While Visiting Melbourne



Melbourne is one of the most livable cities on the entire globe. It is also known as the sporting capital of the world. Moreover, the city is also famous due to its excellent coffee, graffitied laneways, bayside location, and cultural diversity, etc.

Moreover, Melbourne is also the most populous city of Victoria and the second-most- populous city in both Oceania and Australia. This great city of Melbourne has a lot to offer you, including museums and art galleries having lots of great exhibitions.

Are you wondering what to do while visiting Melbourne for the first time? So, whether you are visiting Melbourne for the first time in your life or have lived there even for all your life, there are certain activities that you should not avoid but certainly try. With the help of this post below, we help you browse the top 7 activities that you should try while visiting Melbourne. Let us have a look one by one:-

  • Federation Square is a must-visit.

If you are planning to visit Melbourne, always remember to keep Federation Square at the top of your list. Federation Square is positioned to be at the heart of the city, offering a large number of cultural activities for tourists throughout the day.

  • A short walk on the edges of Yarra River.

This is yet another not-to-miss activity that you should certainly try while visiting Melbourne. You can walk along the edge of the river to Southgate, which is an entertainment and a great shopping destination. Moreover, while being in the area, you can also enjoy some delicious meals at the restaurants and cafés, though somewhat higher priced.

  • Have fun with the escorts.

Having fun with escorts in Melbourne is yet another must-to-try activity that you should never miss. You can easily come across a wide collection of these stunning, verified, beautiful, and independent Melbourne escorts. These escorts are always ready to give you all the pleasure that you crave.

  • Click to take your selfie at Melbourne Aquarium.

For all those people who are fond of marine life, clicking a selfie at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is one of the best activities that you must certainly try at least once. While clicking your best pictures at the Aquarium, you can easily come across different kinds of ocean species.

  • Bargaining at Queen Victoria Market.

You should never miss this wonderful opportunity to bargain at Queen Victoria Market, which operates just perfectly at night. The best thing about the market is that all the fruits and vegetable sellers, spices, clothes, handbags, or anything else can be easily found under one roof, and bargaining is easy.

  • Melbourne Zoo.

If you are visiting Melbourne or have been staying there for quite some time, visiting Melbourne Zoo is something that you should certainly remember. So, for a person fond of wildlife, meeting different types of animals at the Zoo can be a fun-loving experience. While visiting the Melbourne Zoo, don’t forget to take your camera to capture the most scenic views of wildlife. 

  • Enjoy the crown casino.

Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy this huge crown casino which attracts a lot of people regularly. A visit to a casino can be a good adventure, but you need to be careful if you don’t have control over yourself. 

To Conclude

With the above information, you have a good list of activities that you should certainly try at least once while visiting Melbourne. These are some of the must-to-do activities that can help you create everlasting memories if you are finally visiting Melbourne. 


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