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Top 3 Countries to Study Abroad: Explore Your Opportunities 

Study Abroad

Education is the most valuable investment in our success. Yet, the choice of an institution can be challenging. Some programs are more promising and prestigious than others. This makes students leave their home countries and enroll in world-class universities abroad. Currently, there are 4.3 million international students in different institutions around the globe. Their preferred destinations differ, but we want to focus on the three most convenient countries for getting higher education: the US, Germany, and Canada. 

1. The United States

American universities have an international reputation due to their remarkable academic achievements. They offer innovative graduate and undergraduate programs that give people a well-rounded education. International students usually choose to study engineering, business, math, and computer science. The educational system encourages them to get practical experience that will allow them to start a successful career. The United States is home to many prestigious universities. The following institutions lead the 2021 Best National University Rankings:

  • Princeton University
  • Harvard University
  • Columbia University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Yale University

Talking about the academic environment, the American system is the most flexible in terms of methods and practices. You are free to choose courses that correspond to your interests. Besides, there is no need to choose a major right away. You have time to think and explore your talents and capabilities. This gives you a chance to make an informed and conscious choice of the subject area you want to focus on. 

Universities in the US are known for their campus culture. It allows you to get acquainted with a diverse student population, attend various events and parties, make friends, and enrich your network. To have time for enjoyable activities, you can delegate some academic assignments to essay writers. Such assistance allows students to pass their exams when having a rich campus experience. Social activities help students develop their talents and socialize, which is no less important than getting a formal education. 

Students can also enjoy incredible support facilities. They make your transition to a new way of life much easier. You can attend workshops and classes on various topics. Besides, international students like to enroll in English courses and improve their language proficiency before the start of the academic year. Support systems at American universities can also help you with career orientation and choice of a major. 

2. Germany 

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students. They constitute 12% of the student population in the country. Such an interest in German universities is not random. It is attributed to their world-class instructions that focus on providing hands-on experience. German universities can be divided into three categories: technical universities, universities of applied sciences, and technical, art, film, and music colleges. Technical, medical, and management degrees are the most popular among international students. German institutions that got into the list of the best universities in the world are: 

  • LMU Munich
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Heidelberg University
  • Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Another considerable advantage is the absence of tuition fees for both local and international students. German public institutions get government funding that makes education more accessible. However, universities still charge administrative fees of around €250 per semester. It is more than a reasonable sum, especially when compared to higher education in other countries that costs tens of thousands and leaves students in debt even after graduation. The cost of living is also affordable. You will need about €800 per month to cover rent, food, and transport. Yet, the sum varies, depending on the city where you choose to study.  

A degree from a German university will increase your employment potential. A student visa will allow you to start working during studies. It allows you to work 20 hours a week, so you can earn enough for the basic expenses, combining studies and a part-time job.  If you are perseverant enough, you can find a job in one of the leading German companies. The country is one of the world’s biggest economies. Therefore, regardless of the subject area that you choose to study, you are likely to get offered a prestigious and well-paid job after graduation. 

3. Canada

Many students choose Canadian universities due to its leading educational programs and high quality of life in the country. Higher institutions allow students to study using the latest technologies and facilities to develop their skills. For example, the SchoolNet program is widely used across the country. It helps students with convenient access to learning resources. Besides, tuition cost is considerably lower than, for example, in the US. The most popular Canadian universities are: 

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Montreal

Considering how hard it is for students to get their first job, Canada offers employment to graduates of local universities. International students can stay and work for 3 years with a post-graduation work permit. Besides, the country gives students residency options if they have earned a degree and worked in Canada for a year. With valuable experience earned during studies, you become qualified enough to join leading companies either in your home country or in Canada if you choose to stay. 

Apart from purely academic reasons, you should also consider getting higher education in Canada because it is one of the best countries to live in. It is one of the safest and most comfortable environments for young people. Here you can travel, explore the country and its diverse culture, enjoy a convenient life in urban areas, or spend some time hiking in the wilderness. 


When it comes to the choice of the country to study in, you should consider different factors: academia, cost, programs, and student life. The USA, Canada, and Germany offer many opportunities for students. They are similar in having world-class academia, but their policies regarding tuition cost, student accommodation, support systems, and potential employment differ. You should do your research before selecting a country for getting higher education, as this choice will determine your student years and future career prospects.


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Study Abroad
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