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Four Criteria for Finding a Top Software Development Company

Software Development Company

The software development industry has been growing at a pacey rate since the turn of the century, and now it is the most important aspect of growing a business. It was expected that the global IT industry would generate more than $4.8 trillion in revenue in 2018. A huge chunk of the total is spending in the US – 33% and 31% of the US share is on IT services while 18% is on software.

Just to show how massive the IT industry is, in 2017 over 5.3 million people were employed in the industry, 16.7% of this workforce constituting application developers.

Finding a perfect software developer can be a daunting task, especially if you live in Silicon Valley. There are over 150 software companies in California, making it the state with the highest number of developers in the United States.

This article will explain criteria for finding the best software developer for your company to ensure that you get to build the best software systems with a minimum amount of stress.

But before looking for developers, you need to get ready and have everything set. The size of the project should not matter when planning before getting some developers, all projects should be dealt with an equal amount of due diligence whether small or big.

  1. Look for Honest

What distinguishes top software development companies from the pack is honesty. I mean you wouldn’t engage with a dishonest person in any walk of life, would you? The same principle applies when you are looking for a software development company.

A good software development company follows business ethics to the later and ensures that the interests of their client are best protected as well as intellectual property.

Before settling on a development company, check their software development platform to ensure that they follow industry best behaviors. It doesn’t matter the size of the project or how close you will monitor the job.

Recently, there have been a growing number of software development companies that have shut down, leaving their clients with unfinished projects or without proper or any product support.

There is a strong correlation between employee morale and company work ethics. So if you were to choose a company that violates simple business ethics, like failing to pay staffs on time, you will probably end up with a team of demoralized programmers working on your project.

Tips to help you know whether the service provider is ethical includes checking their employees’ reviews, does the business take full responsibility for any lapse and correct it, and if the management values integrity

Some projects may be simple that can be completed by a freelancer. Even in this case, you need to do your background check and the validity of the platforms they sell their services on. It will interest you to know that some of these freelancing platforms don’t have any internal vetting procedures of freelancers joining.

  2. Assess the strategy of the Service Provider

It goes without saying that you want to hire the best software development company there is to for your business needs. Of course, finding the best company from the wide pool of software development companies in the market can be frustrating, but is worth the hassle. As the IT industry keeps growing, providers are finding the need to shift their business model to expand and keep up with the competition. As a business owner, you need to have several options in case this happens.

Businesses’ changing their models is an irony of a free market economy, so that they can stay ahead of the competition. A company may start out as a hardware provider but shift to software applications due to continuous changing in the market environment.

Sometimes a publicly traded company may hide some information in a bid to maintain their privacy, thus the only way of knowing their future direction is by following their investors’ briefings and financial statements.

 3. Top Software Development Companies are Profitable

Why is this important? Because when a business makes a profit it reinvests it for expansion and research and development. For this reason, to know if a software development company is the best, it must be making a profit.

It is an only profitable business that can raise capital to expand and invest in research and development. Additionally, it should raise this capital at a lower cost, and this is only possible for a profitable business.

It is also important to know whether the software development company you want to hire is a private or public company. In addition, do some background checks to see the size of the company and the magnitude of projects they have undertaken in the past and those that are still developing. Check their portfolio and establish whether their past clients were satisfied.

 4. Analyze the Competence of the Team

The last criterion for finding a top software development company is evaluating the skills of the team and their capabilities. You can also check out the reviews of the company on platforms such as GoodFirms, Glassdoor, Clutch or Trustpilot.

If your project is not that complicated and can be done by an individual developer, you should consider interviewing them first before giving them the job.

If you want to build a SaaS product, then it is only fitting to check if the company’s team knows how to develop a SaaS platform and have sufficient knowledge of the SaaS platform architecture.


As mentioned above, there are numerous software companies, which make it hard to narrow down the best. But evaluating your business needs will significantly help you arrive at the best and suitable choice. Research is crucial for finding the top software developers and therefore, it is important to run some background checks on the companies before engaging them. This doesn’t mean you go full-blown analytic and dig up the entire web, what you want to check are the capabilities of the team, profitability of the company, and their business ethics. Luckily, there are many websites that can help you get some of this information, such as

Follow the above guidelines are you will avoid your project running enormously over budget or even in the worst case, fail.

Author Bio: Umar Bajwa is a young business enthusiast and content coordinator at AppModo loves to write about Mobile Apps, Technology, Health, and LifeStyle & Digital Marketing.


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Software Development Company
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