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Top 5 Video Editing Tools That Are Powered With AI

Top Video Editing Tools
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Video creation has evolved multifold over the last few years. From creating cool, high-quality intros with online tools like Videocreek to automatically creating movie trailers from raw footage, video technology has come a long way. 

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have accelerated the video editing process, greatly reducing human intervention. One of the best examples of this came in 2016 when IBM deployed its supercomputer Watson to create a trailer for Morgan’s horror film.

It looked at thousands of other trailers, learned what constitutes a good trailer and selected scenes from the film to create a brand new trailer from scratch. Typically, this process would take a human editor hours or even days to comb through all the footage, cherry-pick the best clips and then edit them into a trailer. With AI, this tedious process got done in a fraction of the time, under the given set of constraints.

Today, AI is being used much more frequently in various video editing use cases. Google automated video curation with Clips, a small, AI-powered, clip-on camera for capturing short videos. It gradually improved its curation quality based on how the user responded to its previously created ‘clips.’ 

Apart from video curation, AI can also help ‘interpret’ videos and make suggestions in color correction, object removal, VFX, image stabilization, etc. In 2017, Stanford and Adobe teamed up to create a cutting-edge, AI-enabled video editing tool. It partially automated the editing process, while still giving a human creative control over the final output.

From scanning text documents to understanding the video’s theme to offer real-time design suggestions on font choices, animations, and color palettes, AI is revolutionizing video editing in 2020. 

Let us take a look at top video editing tools that let you leverage AI in the video editing process: 


Adobe Premiere is perhaps the most mainstream video editing software, loved by beginners and professionals alike. It helps convert raw video footage into video graphics masterpieces. Last year, the software behemoth announced plans to integrate AI into its products to improve the editing workflow. 

The AI-powered Premiere Pro completely revamps your video editing from basic color adjustments to creating full-fledged immersive videos.

Their proprietary Sensei AI platform helps editors automate repetitive functions, matching colors per frame. 

It can adjust colors with face detection features. The advanced auto-ducking feature senses dialogue and lowers the volume of surrounding sound automatically. It supports complex virtual reality (VR) editing. Its integrated workflow enables you to work smoothly and without causing any glitch. It has an intuitive, responsive interface to boost productivity. 


Rawshorts is a simple, hassle-free, AI video editor that helps you easily create marketing or product videos. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor lets you choose from a vast library of industry-specific templates, upload your video footage, and customize videos by adding colors, texts, sounds, and transitions. It uses AI to read the text in scripts and turn it into a matching video draft in seconds. 

All you need to do is upload the video script, and Rawshorts hunts for the corresponding media from its asset-rich library and places it on the editing timeline. The best part is that it generates a background voice narration also for you. Once you are done, you can easily download, export, and share your custom videos on social media.


Magisto is a well-known video editing tool for creating outstanding social media videos. It boasts a smart editor that lets you create trendy and fun videos for video-first platforms like YouTube and Tiktok. The way it works is simple – you just have to upload your video content and pick an editing style and soundtrack, then sit back and watch the AI engine analyze your choice, capture the most exciting clips and edit it to perfection. 

It provides a catalog of commercially-licensed music. The platform also optimizes your video based on the target audience and channel, thereby amplifying its reach. The best part? It provides advanced analytics like where and when users stopped watching the video, which you can use to create better scripts and videos. It also supports cross-channel video distribution and hosting.

4. VideoCreek

By their admission, VideoCreek helps you ‘videolize your story with AI.’ You can generate videos from news articles, social media posts, live sports events, and statistical data automatically. All you need to do is paste the article/content link, and their AI algorithm instantly captures the important keywords/sentences and major ideas in it. 

It uses this metadata to generate related clips and adds those sentences as captions. High-quality video templates and other media assets come bundled in with the service for free. It also allows for material mapping. You can also easily create different variants of the same video for A/B testing to see which performs better. 


Data is the new oil. Jumptvs has incorporated this adage into every aspect of their product. Put simply; it is the largest business data management platform for the video industry. It helps you edit videos with AI recommendations, but it also gives you deep, data-driven insights related to audience engagement with the video. 

You get a daily analysis of business videos and can stay up-to-date on user activities. Their Personalization product gives you widget-based recommendations on enhancing user experience. You can use all of this data to continually track and improve your marketing campaigns.


All these tools only serve to show that AI is making video editing as easy as editing texts. We will see many more intelligent editing products that transform the video editing industry end-to-end. This will make it easier for novices to get their hands dirty while enabling professionals to reduce their workload by letting AI do all the heavy lifting. Watch this space for more!


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Top Video Editing Tools
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