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Valentine's Week

Valentine Rose Day Quotes The Festival of Love (7th of February)

Rose Day Quotes

With 2nd Feb arrives the season of love. The first day of Valentine’s Weekstarts with rose day. Rose Day is celebrated on 7th February every year. We surprise our loved ones with roses. Valentine’s week gets more interesting by hugs, kisses and chocolate day, but this day (rose day) has special relevance. 

Why is a rose day special? 

Roses are red, just like you … Let’s spend a lifetime together because we make the perfect two”! Rose itself is such a beautiful word, that makes us feel calm and happy. But here is the fun, we have risen flowers! Why not gift roses to our loved ones and capture their happiness?

 You’ve not forgotten the bond between Jack & Rose, right? An amazing love story started on a ship-cruise and with Jack’s sacrifice, Rose survived the sinking ship! The movie (and its story) is deep and powerful. 

Rose Day Special

If you have not nick-named your partner, give her Rose nick-name along with a bunch of flowers! Another memorable moment for a rose day this year! 

Rose Day Quotes

The one who is precious to me I wish her very very very special Rose Day.

Quotes on Rose Day

Red Rose for my true love I can’t live without you I love you very much and you’re my life.

Rose Day Quotes for loved ones

My rose is red, Your eyes are blue, You love me, And I love you. Happy Valentine’s day in advance.

Valentines day Quotes Advance

Happy Rose Day: True love is not without pain, like that of thorns in your side. Yet love is like the rose in full bloom, beautiful and full of life.

Out of the box ways to celebrate rose day:

The ritual is very clear, to offer a rose to your loved one. But no one specified about when to give (and other things), from here your creativity should start to kick-in. Here are some ways you can make rose day special

  • A rose every hour:

While you are in the house surprise him/her with a rose every hour with a kiss. When you leave the house for work you can take the help of various delivery apps to deliver roses instantly. And yes, don’t forget to send her/him a text message every hour. Here are some amazing messages

The rose speaks of love silently, in a language known only to the heart. Happy rose day!

All June I bound the rose in sheaves, Now, rose by rose, I strip the leaves.

One rose says more than the dozen. Happy rose day!

Bunch of roses I am sending you, Yellow to show our happiness, White to show our purity, Black to show our darkest secrets, and red to show our love.

  • Treasure hunt in the rose day:

While your loved ones are sleeping silently, plot a rose hunting game, where you leave one rose at very odd places along with a note that tells where the next rose can be. 

Isn’t it something fun? Even while you are out, you are there in her/his subconscious mind!

  • Take her out on a dinner date:

When the evening arrives, get dressed up and without telling him/her, book a table for 2 at a favorite food joint. Ask the hotel/restaurant to do something special so that it’s worth remembering! 

Have a candlelight dinner and have long talks. Don’t forget roses! It’s the rose day after all. Please a fresh red rose on the table and when the light of the candle (the only light probably coming) the rose shimmers like a delicate beauty. 

  • Rose Petals:

Have you noticed risen petals? Soft, delicate and smells like heaven! Imagine a bucket full of rose petals around you, falling on you or someone showering on you (probably)! 

I’m pretty sure the moment will be a lifetime moment! 

  • Spend loads and loads of time together:

Since it’s a Sunday this rose day, there is no reason why you should not be spending time with your loved’s ones. In fact, promise yourself that you’re going to spend time from this weekend onwards if you think you’re not spending enough time. 

For a lady, no surprise is as surprising as noticing that you’re spending more time with her! 

Spending time comes with many benefits. Bond gets stronger, you capture moments of fun and romance, you come to know each other like best friends. 

So, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be spending time with your loved ones. 

If you spend time with your loved ones, you get the energy to do your job better.— Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput Quotes by Rose Day

Make your rose day memorable!

All in all, life is short. If you don’t make memories now, flashbacks will be not worth remembering! Don’t just spend this day as merely just another day, yes, it will come back again next year but why wait? Who knows! Life is short! 

Do small-small things that will cheer her/him up and notice the difference in the vibes you get at home.


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