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What are the Vaping Rules in the UK?

vaping laws uk

With the passage of time, the trend of vaping is increasing among people and especially there is a lot of hype about vaping in the UK. And well, all this hype and trend is quite justified because you see vaping is better than cigarettes in both ways, it’s better in taste and above everything, it’s a healthier option and it helps in quitting cigarettes too.

Now, this might come as a shock to many people at the moment that how can vaping help in quitting cigarettes? But well, we are telling you the truth and this is exactly how it works. We’ve made our research and we’ve seen people in real too, vaping actually made it easier for them to quit smoking the cigarettes. It’s a whole another process, you first buy an e-liquid with nicotine in it when you start reducing the amount of nicotine with the passage of time and then you start consuming e-liquids that are totally all about flavor and fruits etc. This process takes somewhat around 3 to 4 weeks but nothing else can work the way vaping works for someone trying to quit smoking.

Now, if you are someone who just wants to start vaping for fun and if you never had cigarettes before then it is but very obvious that you might be worried about the rules and regulations of vaping in the UK. Well, honestly there isn’t much to worry about because the rules aren’t too strict or hard to follow but yes, there are still things that you need to know.

Rules For Vaping In UK

Your e-cigarette tanks should not be any more than 2ml and as far as the amount of nicotine is concerned, well, it should be around 20mg per ml and no more than this. Also, the manufactures need to make sure that the packaging of the e-liquids and the e-cigarettes is child resistant and tamper evident too. And all the e-cigarettes being sold should first take approval of MHRA and then they should be put in front of the public for selling purposes. Remember that there is a 6 month grace period before you can start selling your submitted items and this is something that all the manufacturers out there need to keep in mind.

What You Should Do?

As a citizen of UK, you need to make sure that you are vaping in areas where there are kids as this will have a bad influence on them. Don’t vape in parks or play lands etc, in fact, try to keep your e-cigarette at home and the only vape when you are in your own premises. Know that vaping isn’t healthy or even allowed in the UK for people who are under 18. And even if you are above 18, you still need to keep it as low as possible because no matter how we justify it, vaping isn’t healthy no matter what.

Also, if you want to try vaping then make sure to buy the e-cigarettes and the liquids from certified people who sell quality products like the You don’t want to end up spending your money in a place where you shouldn’t. In short, you wouldn’t appreciate the idea of getting a poor quality e-cigarette and a bad tasting e-liquid. So, just make sure to buy high-quality products even if they cost you a little bit more than usual.

We hope you are now completely aware of the terms and conditions to vape in the UK. So, now without wasting any more time, if you are someone who wants to quit cigarettes then buy an e-cig right now and see the results for yourself.


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